Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Full Night of Fashion TV

I am soo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight is (drum roll please) America's Next Top Model and Project Runway!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone of fave's yet on ANTM yet?? I am still not decided on Project Runway at all....I am just addicted, what can I say:) Enjoy tonight and I will share my thoughts and images about the shows manana.


I feel like every time I turn on the TV, or flip through a magazine all I see is Macy*s. There isn't anything wrong with it or anyting...right now, the department store is on fire buying May Company and many others...Stores like Meir & Frank have been changed over night and people are shopping because of it...with the great discounts and coupons on top of discounts, who wouldn't? I have personally never shopped at Macy*s, but with the constant advertising I see and so many people I know that have been finding great deals, I figure I have to check it out...I doubt anyone has missed this...but, I thought I would put this on everyone's radar.

It's Back Again

What might you ask is back...well, since every trend recycles...this should be expected by now...but, the broach is back in full effect...but, the way to wear these accessories is to place them on a low point of the clothing near the décolletage, rather than on a lapel or over your is a sexy new way to catch ones eye:)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hairstyle: Ghetto or Regal???

When we look at extreme styles of today you may refer to them as "art" or "ghetto", but when you think of how Marie Antoinette used to wear wigs almost 3 feet high...can it compare? Maybe not, but it is funny to think about:)

Exude Elegance: Pocket Time

Paris Chic, just like the infamous Chanel, with 2 front pockets on a dress and you are dressed to impress!

Love the Skin you are IN

I was reading an article about women loving and dressing for their body type the other day and I totally agree with that notion...why should women, or men for that matter have to wear a certain style or stay away from certain styles because of the body they were given?? No, I think that if you feel comfortable and are happy with the way that you look in the mirror then you should rock it!:)

Carla Mason Mathis explores this idea more in her book, "The Triumph of Individual Style: A Guide to Dressing Your Body, Your Beauty, Yourself". Check it out! Also check out her website at:

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fashion Browse

Check out for all things FASHION when you get a chance:) It is a great new site that Fashionalities is partnering with to spread the fashion word far and wide:)

Fashion Show

Watch UGLY BETTY tonight @ 8PM on ABC:) I can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts!!!!!!!

BTW, I forgot to update this and tell everyone that this didn't run last week~thank GOD because I was worried and it is running this week:) SO everyone watch this Thursday, Sept. 28th! I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks!

Fashionalities Mall Chronicles

Just a question I would like to pose concerning my Mall research...when did distinctions for different Malls come about? I know that in Tucson, a mall called, La Encantada is referred to as a "Lifestyle Center"...what is the difference I would like to ask...does anyone think there is much of a difference?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Editor Letter

Hello Everyone,

I am still here...I will be writing soon...I just don't have my laptop right now...write me with questions, or thoughts...



Saturday, September 16, 2006

Always a Classic

Ever since I got married, I have wanted something with my initials on it...I feel like that will always be a classic thing to do...although monograms were very "in" a while ago and are kind of "out" now...I still love the idea of having something with my initials on it:) Here are a couple of my ideas:

1. Of course I am dreaming of having a goyard bag with my initials on it, but I have already shared that;)

*I couldn't find an image with the initials on the bag, but basically the initials are hand painted on...I think I will get mine in yellow and white...or maybe just yellow:)

2. Until I get the Goyard...I am looking at two other options...option one:

The L.L. Bean Boat and Tote bag, which is cute and versatile and can go anywhere:)


I can't seem to find the image...but, I had read in a magazine about a year ago that Jack Spade had some plastic large black and white bags that look like the plastic bags that you can get in New York to lug things around when you are moving or buying lots in the city:) And they just add your initials to is pretty cute...just another option I may have to invest in until I get the Goyard bag...

I also want to use my initials on a round pendant on a gold necklace close to my throat/neck...I think it would be very classic with a cursive image for that until I get it done:)

These are just some things I am really liking right now;)

Fashionalities Hearts

I love to check my emails on my Sanriotown account! That is where all of my catalogs, email updates and newsletters are sent from every boutique or fashion based website that I have ever found...I haven't rummaged through my "online fashion mail" in soo long...I just read an email from Couture Candy and decided that I need to share this great site! Not only does this site sell clothes...but, there is also a celebrity style blog, a weekly newsletter with great fashion updates on trends, celebs and much more...and you can have a personal stylist just for you online...that is too much to pass check it out;)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Jet-Setter Find

I rarely read the free magazine's that are offered in the seat pocket...but, my last trip I pulled an interesting article out of the Hemisphere Magazine for United Airlines and I thought I would share. The article was sharing information about a new boutique in New York that sells clothes from new/up and coming designers. For those that can't just pick up and go to NYC to shop for new designers you can check out at Indie Finds. This site features little known designers across the country that specializes in clothing to home decor. So, to stand out in the crowd wherever you are go to New York or Indie Finds and support new designers.

Fashionalities Hears About Something New

The look above is a House of Dereron look

Beyonce and mom, Tina Knowles were guests on The Tyra Banks Show today and I found out that the House of Dereron has a new addition, a junior line called Dereron. The new line is more affordable and has a more relaxed, street wear look. The line should be available by December 06.
Plus, go to the site for fashion tips and get this, recipes:)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fashionalities LUCKY fashion Find

Style: Bal de Bulles

I was selling clothes at Buffalo Exchange in Portland, Oregon on Burnside the other day and I think I got VERy, VERy Lucky!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had a new obsession with finding and buying fabulous scarves...I think that scarves are a classic that every fashionista should own and wear...I went rummaging through the scarves while waiting my turn to sell my high school and college clothes that have been at my mom's house forever and I thought I found a PUCCI I grabbed the scarf with excitement I started examining for any hint of PUCCI markings to confirm I had an authentic...and to my EXCITEMENT I found that it may be an Hermès scarf...after examining the scarf thoroughly I came to the conclusion that with all of the detail in this lovely scarf and what seems to be all of the markings that are needed to confirm that this is an authentic Hermès scarf...I am sure that I got lucky and bought/traded for a mere $3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An Hermès scarf that could be worth $350 or more!!!!!!!! It could even be VINTAGE! What a lucky find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had to share this...My very first Hermès piece and it is only $3:) I will have to confirm that the scarf is real as soon as I am able to go to an Hermès store...we shall see what they say:) The next purchase will have to be a lot bigger to make up for this of course:) so ladies and never know what you can find at the second hand stores and thrift stores for that matter...some people just don't know what they have or just don't care for it:) "Other People's trash can always be other people's treasures"...or something like that, you get my point:)

P.S. You pronounce Hermes: air-may

Fashionalities Forecast

Tracy Reese can never let you down...each season she stays true to her style and her customer...with classic design with a punch of glitter and print you know her pieces a mile away...with her new boutique this year in New York and the addition of accessories and home to the Tracy Reese line whose to know what will come next year...but, we all expect nothing but the best!!!!!!!!!

Inside info: I had dressesd for the past two season for Tracy Reese and the experience was AMAZING! Tracy is very hands on and meets and works with everyone...

Fashion Face Lift

I was doing a random search on google under "fashion" and Fashion Net was the first choice to select...I checked it out and found that there have been soo many updates that I think everyone should check out...The homepage has a slew of options for fashionista's to sign up for...Fashion Net and JC Report have partnered up, so sign up now if you haven't many changes, so little time:) ***Oh, and it's all free!***

Fashion Rocks

Christina Aguilera brings on the high waisted pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fashionalities Hears

Fashionalities hears that Nordstrom's is looking to open a store in New York!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, the amazing service that Nordstrom's is well-known for will be shared with the world that visits New York:)

Getting Cozy this Fall in Sweatshirt design

Pairing heels with any of these looks makes the look fun and funky...I would probably wear ankle boots or pumps...Inspired by SJP running the doggie in NYC:)

Victoria's Secret Pink Graphic Sweats

Free People Riding Hoods Hoodie

Love by Ya-Ya

Fashionalities Favorites

Storefront: Bee and Thistle

While in Portland, Oregon I found out that one of my favorite boutique, Bee and Thistle is on myspace!!!!!!!!! (To those people that don't participate in MySpace check out their site at: Everyone has to check out the myspace page, or the store if you are living in Portland or visit the store online...the owners and stylists know all about fashion and the store has clothes and accessories like shoes, purses and jewelry that everyone can easily afford and stand apart from the crowd...and there is not just Bee and Thistle...There is also Sole (which specializes in all things shoes:) and their discount store the Bargain Bee (which has the best deals). Kim, the owner and creator of Bee and Thistle is AMAZING and truly knows about trends and style...check out her site and ask her anything and I know she will be able to answer you:)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fly Away

I saw this shirt at Nordy's last week and I had to share it with is a puff sleeve shirt with a butterfly in the middle that is too cute:) Welcome back tie-dye. Oh, and BTW it is by Core Clothing:)



Not only did I love the Nicole Miller's Spring 2007 line, but I loved the hair style during the show. Though this photo does no justice to the style. The style is simply this:
A french braid on each side next to the ear. Then the center is pulled back to create a look similar to a faux Mohawk and pulled together with a hair tie.

Fashionalities Magazine Rack

The Premiere issue of MISSBEHAVE is on newsstands now...I went to Barnes and Noble and was excited to see that there was a new magazine to flip through:) This Magazine is for the Fashion Rebel...this magazine is based out of Brooklyn, New York and will start by having four issues a year. There is an edge to the magazine similar to a Zine...I love the realism to this magazine. The articles range from fashion to inside information on subjects like the well known Hello Kitty.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Long Story: Marc Bouwer and Atil Kutoglu

I was in love with long dresses this Spring and I am soo glad that it is staying for Spring 2007. Designer Marc Bouwer designed dresses that look very 70's inspired where Atil Kutoglu styles are very Mexican inspired.

Marc Bouwer

Atil Kutoglu

Lady Looks-Spring 2007 Lela Rose

Dresses and Sleeves will keep a presence in Spring 2007...I love the colors used in Lela's collection. Brown, white, and mango yellow had a big presence in the Spring 2007 Lela Rose line. I love the sleeves, the crochet, and the rose detail. Check out the looks below.

Fashionalities Designer Radar: Brian Reyes

I heart Brian Reyes...Tracee Ellis Ross attended the Spring 2007 Fashion Week show for Brian Reyes. As a fashionista star I knew that this show would be worth can see below that there are great looks to come.

What Jewels May Come

Luxe Trunk Show Online

A previous magazine accessories editor is now launching a great new website called Chic Sherlock that finds all of the new jewelry designers, high-end and low-end...for every fashionality. The site hasn't launched yet, but check out the site and sign up to be notified once the site launches.

Store Expansion Nationwide

Buffalo Exchange is a second hand store that is usually based near colleges. This company is quickly expanding. Just recently, a store opened in Brooklyn, New York. Most magazines have articles about great shops to check out in New York and highlight Beacon's Closet as the second hand store out to sell clothes or buy vintage, designer, and second hand clothing...but, now there is Buffalo Exchange...check out the site for stores near you! The buyers for this store are amazing and have a great variety.