Sunday, August 24, 2008

Join Me In Gaining Money for Learning About Deals!

Sharing is caring, so since I have had so much luck with this site, I would like to share it with everyone not only for you all, my dear readers, but, also to gain in hopefully buying a Gucci bag I LOVE from Saks Fifth is the story...For every 10 people that sign up for Shop it to me from your email will receive a $10 gift certificate....I have received 4 so far and decided that I wanted to really get something big, so I figured if 600 people sign up, I am guaranteed enough money to get the Gucci bag I really want, but can't afford:)  So, just sign up today, and you can forward off to your friends and gain a gift certificate just as easily and get emails daily about sales that are going on locally from the stores you have selected.  
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THANKS:)  and Good luck to you all too! 

Brands and Accessories to Think About

Elizabeth & James has fun pieces for fall with great added detail...I not only LOVE caftans, but I think they can still be worn this fall with layering.Statement rings are always chic...I would like one for my pointing finger on my right hand, but they never seem to fit my fingers, so I go for the middle finger...another fun option to stay away from just using the ring finger:)When it rains, it pours, and as we begin to get into fall weather we can expect rain, rain, rain and more need to ruin your fab shoes for fall, wear a Wellington boot on your way to any location in style with Wellington boots.  

More to Look Forward to With Patricia Fields

I am sooo excited!  It's almost time for Patricia Fields HUGE showcase on the Home Shopping Network  (Starting on Fashion Week and ending five days later)!  Check out this months People Style Watch special edition for images of what will be seen.  A lot of inspiration comes from pieces that were worn on Sex and the City the movie...Like New York Magazine states, the pieces offered on HSN will be similar to what you can find at Patricia's store in New York and similar to pieces that were sold at Payless.  

Fall Preview: Shoes @ Target

Even if you don't plan on buying too many new pieces this fall, a couple of pairs of new shoes are a great addition to your fall wardrobe.  Target online has a fall preview of what trends to focus on this coming season:
Wear this with trousers and vests...pinstripe makes this look even stronger.
I LOVE all things vintage---and I love the idea that so many designers are inspired by vintage pieces.  It's all about recycling the strong pieces from years past.
I am LOVING loafers and I love how these are an unexpected color with the bow and all...these also have the square toe trend which is updating a normal loafer or ballet flat this season.  These look very J. Crew-esque for a quarter of the price.
This can be found on so many's just something to highlight.  

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes...

Just a couple of shoe thoughts/questions:
Why do women think that ankle straps make their feet bigger?
(I am a believer in whatever makes you feel love the shoe, you better work!)
Why do women hate high and low heels?  What do you want if you don't want high or low....
(By the way, I just heard today that Sergio Rossi can now change a heel height to whatever the customer wants upon request.)
Why do women steer away from slides?  You'd think they'd be easy, take them off and on easy enough whenever you want with no hassle.
But, I guess others wonder how I can wear a pair of 6" heels all day:)
So, to each their own...:)

Surprise, Surprise...

I can't believe Lipstick Jungle is coming back and Cashmere Mafia is does that work out?  I watched both of course...but, I clicked more with the story line and clothes in Cashmere Mafia...Yes, Lipstick Jungle like Sex and the City was brought to us by Candace Bushnell...but, Lipstick doesn't even touch SATC...oh well, I guess I will still be watching it...I can't lie...hopefully it has gotten better...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Music to my Ears

I always LOVE the music that is selected at a fashion show and want to know who they are playing...well, now, some of our fave designers are giving us some insight to play on our ipods:)
One is the special Bazaar issue and the other is from the June issue of Vogue India.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Little Different From What is Supposed to Happen

Ok, so, my hubby is planning on making dinner (Indian food, of course) so I am rushing to the Indian store that we usually don't go to because our favorite go to Indian store in Tucson, AZ is closed for some reason and I fall in love with rakhi's.  (The festival will be celebrated on August 16th)  I thought they were supposed to just be a basic thread, but here they were selling threads with these fabulous designs for less than $3 each!  I gladly bought 5 of them explaining to the store owner that I understood that these were supposed to be given to the brother from a sister...but, I would just have to wear them anyway because they were so cute:) husband just laughed and his sister inquired on who I would be giving them to:)  

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fashion Rocks: Melissa Young aka Kid Sister

My new fashion muse: Melissa Young aka Kid Sister.  I have been seeing her EVERYwhere and in all of the images I have found of her, I love her style!  I am trying to find her so I can do an interview to share where she buys her wears.  She looks different in every shot, it's wild, I love it!

"Couture for Coins..."

As Kate Spade refers to a coin purse that she LOVES for August...this reminded me of the Chanel coin purse that I saw in a mag today that I was gushing over!  It is funny how these small trinkets can be so expensive, but we still want them:)Marc by Marc JacobsLVKate SpadeChanel ( I love this!)

Get on that Curve

Scarves are still here...over and over...they aren't going anywhere.  Layer, layer, layer to keep warm and look chic.
I am loving the necklace in this resembles the Egyptian trend that I think is going to be very strong this season...check out the September LUCKY issue for a whole spread dedicated to Egyptian styling.  I also love these pants!, great for boots or fun with ballet flats.
I love the waist detail on this top, I tried finding a sleeveless top like this for summer and couldn't find it anywhere...maybe this is my fall option:)

I received an email from Curve (which is in LA and NY) about the Isabel Marant items they have received and I am in LOVE!  I love the styling with basic pics from the genius!  Be inspired, or just get on the site and buy what you love;)

Back to School Essentials

So, maybe none of us are going back to school, maybe some of us are, or maybe your kids is time to get those new fall wardrobes together and be inspired by the thought of going back to school...
The back to school necessities:
Jumper Dress---to be worn with a turtleneck, tee, tank, alone....have fun and mix this piece up and make it new each time.
Sleeveless dress to be worn in plaid to layer with hooded sweatshirts, cardigans, etc.  Also pair this look with all of the fringed suede shoes and, fun, fun!
Gingham dresses with ruffle, ruffle....with something so fab, you really just need basics as far as accessories go...some great pointy black flats would be perfect for this with only a ring or bracelet and earrings.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes...

I know we all feel like Carrie on SATC...a shoe gal, so of course we are super excited about fall shoes that are reaching us now.  I was looking at images from the owner of Stems market getaway in LA this past week and was in awe of all of the fabulous creations.(check out the site for some trend blogs from moi this week too:)  She also brought back a $35 magazine she scored in a LA mag shop that had every fall accessory from all of the designers...this way you know who each of the knock-offs are being inspired by-love it!
Here are some styles that are catching my eye right now...
Cage Style Heels  This style is done for all styles from flat sandals to hig
h heel gladiator styles.  I LOVE THIS!
Suede Pumps  I have some from about two years ago by Delman and they aren't going anywhere.  
Last, but not least...the boots are back in full effect and wooden styles do not need to stay in the summer...wooden heeled boots are just as perfect!  I am also really loving the fold over ankle boot...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Classic Pieces with a Bit of Edge for Every Closet

These are pieces that should be added to everyone's closet, at least one of the pieces or all.
A Yoana Baraschi Leopard print top or dress...this is a stand out piece that seems to be timeless, but definitely with a lot of edge.
Cut-outs in tops and dresses can be really alluring...the front is basic and regular and then when you walk away there is so much style.  I hate when people wear bra's with these pieces it is so tacky...make sure that you wear a strapless or one of the bras that are only in the front for support.
Pearls are always a classic for women.  Double strands in black are a standout to wearing a basic water pearl in one strand.
Flats in silver are like wearing a basic grey basic.  The point on the shoe creates more of a dressy look which can be worn with anything.  

Interview with Fashion Star Daisy Lewellyn

Read on while Fashionalities gets fashionly-candid with style star, Daisy Lewellyn that has moved from the fashion magazine world of New York to running her own fashion world in LA!  Get insider tips and get to understand how someone can really do it in the fashion world.  

1.  What are your fashion recommendations for fashion this Summer?
So every girl has to have an amazing LWD.  The LWD is the ultimate effortless chic piece!  I have about 16 and want more more more!!! I also am obsessed with a great statement necklace.  Kenneth Jay Lane is a wonderful designer who just gets it.  There is something about wearing an amazing ridiculously oversized yummy necklace!  It screams effortless luxe at a fraction of a huge price tag!  
- What are the key pieces?  
Girls have to identify their personal style & run with it!  I feel like before you even attempt to shop or hire a stylist, you must identify with your personal style.  There are so many fashion muses, and well so many imitators.  The imitators tend to make me a bit nauseous.  So every girl must have her statement piece that she adores & practically sleeps in, bathes, in, prays, in, & lives in.  Perhaps an oversized tote, a humongous rock candy cocktail ring, or a fantasticly jeweled flat.  Notice I am a bit obsessed with anything oversized & dramatic lol.  But always done in good taste.  So once she goes for that item, I think every girl should score a mini for summer.  I am absolutely shocked that I am saying this because I was not always a huge  fan of the mini, but I have been converted.  There are just soo many options, for my rocker Rihanna types, there's your fitted neoprene denim number, or for my romantic girls, why not embrace a belted full cabbage rose printed mini, I could go on & on.  The mini is just a must have for any lovely who deems them self as being any kind of cool.  Oh also I am a firm believer in being a sun kissed bronzed bombshell during the summer & well beyond.  Tanned skin =well it just = joy!  Pair sun kissed skin with your LWD & you are truly cover worthy.  And yes I am a true LA girl in the sense that I don't go anywhere without my shades!  I am not a label snob, but absolutely a shape snob!  Choose your lane & stick to it, Aviator Drive, Jackie O Blvd., or Ray Ban Road.  There really is no other way to go this summer.
-Where should someone search to find these looks?
Well, I love to mix mix mix!  High end & low end, designer & vintage, kids & granny!  A good place for every girl or guy, even kids really to start is a good H&M, I say this because once you are over the trend, you can toss it without feeling married to the item from the guilt having spent half of your rent money.  Also I love the dress department at Saks!  My fave dress designer is Tracy Reese, so she is always a plus!  For my NYC girls, throw on your flats & roam the Meatpacking District for good finds.  For my online girls, I like, Nordstrom, & Net a Porter, Topshop too!
2.  What are your fashion styling secrets?  i.e. personal styling books, how you organize your closet, etc.
Hmm, lets see, well for starters, I believe in mixing & matching.  Whenever I style a celeb, after my showroom pulls, I always call on a dear friend Love Collins.  Shes a great designer w/ a mean vintage accessories collection.  She always has the right piece!  She does rentals & has saved the day for many stylists.
I also have been a belt babe for, well basically forever!  I believe every girl should have a belt wardrobe & this is a sure fire way to always save the day!
I also believe in day to night looks, all day!  Shop for your lifestyle & dress that way!  If you are a social butterfly, don't wait until after 6pm to pull out your party shoes!!! Heavens to Betsey no!  Dress for your lifestyle always!
3.  How did you get started in the fashion industry?  
I went to Howard University, in Washington, DC.  I heard that there was an exchange program with FIT in NYC.  I jumped at the chance & knew this was exactly the way that I wanted to spend my junior year, as a NYC girl!!! Well I did go to NYC & FIT for my junior year, but the program was officially over.  I was so determined to go to NYC, you could not tell me no, even if the computers weren't accepting the entry lol.  I had my father sit in with me on a few meetings & I was headed for NYC.  Sooooo, I majored in Accessories Design at FIT & interned at a magazine called Honey Magazine.  It was a really cool & hip mag at the time!  I worked directly under the Fashion Director Sydne Bolden, who is to this day like a big sister.  I was the intern, but really the assistant, the errand girl, whatever they needed I did it with a smile since the department was sooo small.  I always thought, well I will be a celebrity stylist, it sounded fabulous & glamorous.  But once I was exposed to the magazine world, I shifted my fashion goals to a huge obsession with becoming an editor!  A fashion editor does many things that a stylist does, but more.  After I graduated from college at Howard, I made a mad dash back to NYC without looking back.  I called Sydne & she asked me to come help her In Style Magazine!!!! I felt like I had won the free!!! "Are you kidding???!!!" I thought to myself.  It was just too good to be true.  And that's how I got my first paid fashion job, at In Style.  Notice I said paid, since many kids don't understand that just because you're not getting paid, does not mean it isn't a job.  I took every job super duper seriously & always dressed the part!!! I think I was so paranoid from being blacklisted because of a chipped nail, or wrong trend, that I tried my hardest.  Oh boy that makes me laugh.
4.  Did you ever think you would go from fashion magazines to running the show in your own business?
Hmm, I don't really know, I suppose so.  I always just knew that fashion was a place where I felt really comfortable.  I have always adored fashion.  During my high school days I was obsessed with Clueless.  I started a huge Clueless Club & started this major fashion revolution at my school!  I have always been an independent go getter & an entrepreneur. Even while working at Glamour, I planned social events for clients from YSL, Louis Vuitton, In Style, & more.  So I have always had a knack for being a leader.  I have always been blessed with a great creative side, and super in love with my career!  I have had tough bosses, who were super strict, which in turn made me super anal, and meticulous about every little detail.  I thank them for the strict training, because I am the same way with my assistants, as well as with myself.
5.  What do you offer at your company?
Wow, we are kind of like a Target!  No matter what aisle you go down, there is something new, & something really fun!  I just love Target.
Well for starters, I am a TV Personality, so I do a lot of on air makeovers & offerings of fashion & beauty advice.  I also do red carpet & event commentating, as well as reporting & writing. I am a stylist on many levels, for fashion shows, celebs, and even children.  I also do a lot of style coaching & training & speaking engagements.  I host events with different partners for launch parties.  I have also, recently opened my doors to private clients.  We do closet makeovers, bridal & prom styling, special occasion prep, makeover parties, & more!  I also do a lot of philanthropy & charity work.  I am also an educator, and well, that's some of what I do.  Every day is different, and I am so blessed.  Every day new things are added.  I wear many hats & bags& shoes!!!
6.  What is your personal style?
Hmm, well I am definitely the queen of effortless chic.  I am so busy & I really really enjoy beauty rest, so I am not really into spending too much time getting ready, but never willing to sacrifice style.  I am a  dress girl all the way & well I wish my mother would have made Christian Louboutin my godfather.  I've been wearing his shoes for years, before the masses could even pronounce his name.  You could say I am Charlotte a la SATC  meets Lily Pulitzer's bff meets luxe cashmere meets a mean shoe department!  I adore pink & apple green it's my fave color combo, but also am really into head to toe strong black, NYC did that to me.  I dress for Daisy, not the occasion, so you could catch me in Target in 5" Louboutins, a vintage frock, a pink turban, & sequin belt, or maybe a head to toe Lily Pulitzer meets Lacoste look for sailing in the British Virgin Islands, all while going to my niece's recital.  I love fashion, but also love so many other things like beauty, food, travel, home, hotels, & entertaining, cooking, more. 
7.  What are you fave stores in LA and NYC? 
Oh goodness there are so many.  Well I love Satine on 3rd in LA. But I feel a bit guilty because I actually love it so much because it reminds me of a NYC boutique.    I also really enjoy Intermix on Robertson.  They have a great selection of shoes!  In NYC, I have several.  Of course Tracy Reese, also I adore Bergdorf & Barneys.  Shoes shoes & more shoes!  Oh and you know what store I just love, Pearl River Mart!  I am all about the unexpected!
What are the style differences between the 2 cities?
Honey it is a world, maybe even 2 worlds & one island of a difference. LA has two ends of the style spectrum, super cas(casual) or red carpet ready.  I prefer the red carpet ready feel.  I just can't get used to the influx of jersey & Ed Hardy.  It just doesn't do it for me.  But there are also the cool LA hipsters who score amazing vintage finds & have their own style. 
NYC well is just wonderful.  Sometimes I miss strolling down 5th Ave or in Fort Green, all because of the amazing inspiration I get from real guys & gals, the real trendsetters & tastemakers.  NYC style is all about lifestyle & personal style rolled into one amazing handroll!  The publicists are super polished, editors seasons ahead, & the stylists & models such risktakers.  No matter what your style is, whether you are a prepster headed for East Hampton on a hipster headed for a bar in Williamsburg, your style works, as long as you own it.  I am definitely a fan of the Upper Eastside ladies, all about pearls & cashmere, in a modern manner of course.
8.  Why did you decide to leave the BIG NYC for LA?
Oh wow, well it was actually a really important reason.  Everyone assumed it was because I was taking a right turn into the fashion world for the television scene, but that was not the ultimate reason.  I am very blessed & feel like I have had a tremendous life.  God wanted me back in LA, which is where I was born & raised.  It was weird to everyone else, since NYC & I were like Jimmy & Choo, Manolo & Blahnik, there was no separating us.  But God had a greater plan for my life!  I have been growing so much spiritually & learning so much about myself, about love, & about the beauty that every single day brings.  And guess what, now I'm a bicoastal babe!!! I'm based in LA, but am in NYC all of the time!  I get the best of both worlds, LA for the sunshine & my pretty nieces & NYC for its fabulousness .  It's actually my longest running crush.
9.  What can we expect from you in the near future?  Creating your own magazine, hosting a new fashion television show, books???
Wow like I said I am beyond blessed!  Every day has been such a fun journey!  I was the featured style expert on the Style Network's How Do I Look, it will air Aug 7th. Make sure to tivo it!  I have also been working a lot with their website, giving style tips & answering reader q&a.  I am also working with Macy's as a host & style expert.  Also my big Sept makeover issue with Health Magazine comes out in Aug, I am one of their contributing experts, & I worked with real women, different body types, & lifestyles.  I basically gave them super amazing style, but pieces that they could wear & afford.  Oh and I've recently opened my doors to working with private clients for a limited time.  I have been doing closet makeovers, image consulting, & personal shopping for clients in NYC, LA, Ohio, etc.  Also keep your eyes peeled for upcoming style shows & tv segments.  Books & products will definitely be coming along the way as well.  Stay tuned...
10.  Fall isn't here yet...but, we fashionistas start thinking about it now...what is on your list for must-haves for this Fall?
Haven't we been thinking about it since March, lol.  When you work in fashion, it makes you crazy.  It's hilarious.  We go to the Fall shows in March, & Spring shows in Sept.  Sometimes I feel like I'm experiencing DEJAVU. 

Must haves:
A great coat, time to get that investment piece!  Yes, start saving your coins now hun, because the coat is key in fall.  It's the first thing people see, & sometimes the only piece.  So, I say when shopping for your coat make sure it has at least 2 of the following traits:
-jeweled tone
-fabulous collar
-ridiculously fabulous closures
-fantastic print
-wondrous surprise printed or bright lining
Standout piece of fur, I am a big fur girl...sorry PETA, I just can't help it.  I'm a good caring person, I promise you.  So, if you can afford it, go for a floor length fox, J. Mendel is amazing.  If you can't well, don't fret, we can opt for a cropped chubbie coat, a bur bag, ooh a fur muff, or even a chic fur slip knot scarf, just make sure it's real & plush.  Faux fur is over over over!
Sexy boot, so every fall means a new exciting boot. But, this season, don't go for the simple black or brown-go for a standout option!  Invest in a key boot, could it be a berry suede, or one simply studded along the heel.  It must scream fashion, not function! 
Floral dress, I am a happy person, and I like to dress happy also!  I am obsessed with the winter gardens in bloom!  Score a floral dress like the one in aubergine & caramel by Michael Kors.
Cocktail ring,-so its pretty much become a staple in every girls wardrobe, but now is the time to go even bigger.  I would say upgrading to about 3 times the normal cocktail ring that you've donned.  It's all about increase!!!

New beauty item-whether it be a blunt bang, razored bob, or a new gloss, it must be something fresh & exciting in the beauty world. Beauty & fashion are first cousins, you can not buy for one, without caring for the other.   I've been considering taking my friend Tai's advice of compacts & vignettes for ivillage & going back to lipstick, but i am still thinking about it.  Whatever you do, go fresh & go new for beauty for fall!

Great Styles, Great Prices, Everything is Perfection!

The new place to go for unique jewelry and accessories, Erica Weiner.  When I found this site, I knew I had to share with everyone.  The styles resemble vintage jewelry you might find at a flea market.  The same company creates ways to make shoes new again.  I LOVE these fabulous creations and the price is less than buying a new pair of shoes.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Hair Styling

As soon as I saw the second episode of Project Runway and started researching all of the images from Project Runway and what Kenley was wearing on her head...I remembered a site called, Love, Lulu Mae...a place where you can find all of the vintage inspired head designs that are the chic originators of this trend.  I can't remember all of the places that I have seen this trend recently...mostly in magazines, but I do recall SJP being styled by Patricia Fields in the Sex and the City movie with a piece on her wedding day, and then SJP wore the head dress that everyone was talking about at the premiere...well, for anyone who is as excited as me about the head accessories, the designer of Love, Lulu Mae is designing a piece exclusively for Fashionalities, send an email to telling us where you will wear this fabulous accessory if you win.
Good luck!