Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back 2 School

Usually it is so much fun for the kids back to school stuff to take over the stores...but, this year, I have not found any fun new items I have to have, or would want to share with everyone...After reading the Fashion Week Daily article about Staples working with Stella McCartney I figured this year had to be really good...But, I have been to Target, K-Mart, and Office Depot and I haven't seen a thing that has caught my eye...I will have to go and see what Staples has in store...hopefully it is better than the selection I have found so far...Office Depot has a new "fashion line" that is very generic with no real focus so hopefully it isn't the same...we shall see...
If you get a cash advance then maybe would have bling like Zilla Rocca Radio!

Signature Style--no need to change the style, just change the print

Tops are sold for $275
I am a true LOVER of Tucker by Gaby Basora so I was floored when I read that the tops will now be sold at SCOOP! The fabu line is also sold at the following boutiques, check them out for the new items for the Fall:



Shop Bop~Used to sell Tucker...I guess she has gotten to be too spread out for them...I still love her!

Neiman Marcus

Also, don't forget, if you are not near a Scoop store, you can also check them out on QVC now!

Frills are the Name of Game

Make this look by Rodarte work for you by getting a similar look at Target by Isaac Mizrahi, the Target twist is only for $39.99...add the drama with the right shoes and some fabulous gloves and a long sexy necklace...you can spend a little extra since the dress is so inexpensive.

The Fashionista Diaries

It comes on tonight, check it out!

The Ups and Downs of Fashion

It Starts tomorrow! Everyone either watch, Tivo or DVR The Fashionista Diaries about 6 newbies in the fashion industry that will give you an understanding of what the industry is all about from every facet of the fashion world! I can't wait to see everyone's clothes! That will be the best part! This will be the best fashion reality show ever! Watch out Real World, this is it! Fashion, Drama, and Learning about dream jobs:)

Side Note about the Show...it will begin with an assistant from JANE Magazine, but, with the magazine folding during the taping of the show (true drama), the assistant will get a new job at ComoGIRL! and, the show must go on...just a little drama to know before the show starts:)

Other sad magazines closing down:
Another Trend Setting Magazine for young women of color has folded. It has been like a domino effect since the closing of Honey Magazine's doors. We got SUEDE magazine, one of the best magazines I have ever read, that just spoke to me on a personal level drop out of no where, then get a female version of VIBE with a twist of funk and take it away so soon...I hope for something new in the near future that can step away from the mainstream magazines that we have on every magazine shelf last for more than a year...there is however, a magazine called Lavish Magazine that is an online publication that I hope considers printing in the near future.

Ideas on What to Wear when you think that you have nothing

I had nothing but great expectations for "I've Got Nothing to Wear," a new fashion focused reality show on TLC that debuted on June 22nd...I missed a couple of episodes that aired on Friday nights and decided to start using my trusty DVR...after a couple of shows I was hooked and then, poof! It was gone...this show about going into a woman's closet and revamping the clothes that she had and adding signature basics/necessities to the woman's wardrobe was gone...with no updates on where this show had disappeared to, I only found through my research, (I am a special FSI agent:) that there were only the following episodes listed on http://www.imdb.com/:

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Travel WardrobeOriginal Air Date: 22 June 2007
Season 1, Episode 2: ColeOriginal Air Date: 6 June 2007
Season 1, Episode 3: Finding a Fashion FocusOriginal Air Date: 29 June 2007
Season 1, Episode 4: All the Wrong ClothesOriginal Air Date: 29 June 2007
Season 1, Episode 5: Bargain ShopperOriginal Air Date: 6 July 2007
Season 1, Episode 6: Stage OutfitOriginal Air Date: 6 July 2007

Are there more to come? I will keep searching for the answers, until then...try to catch the reruns.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fashionalities 'View

I met Ann Skalski at Saks, my first job, and she was the most inspirational person both through her style and direction in my fashion career...She always wore a signature style of a trendy, but avant guard look of leggings before everyone else wore them and long billowy tops with an edge. I was always taking notes on where to shop, what to read (magazines,websites, and books) and she always gave me homework...which I always found interesting...I decided that I had to share this fashion gem with everyone else:)

What is your job title?
Creative Director (I hope she doesn't mind me saying, but with Jessica Simpson)

What do you do at your job?
All things visual...I do! Photo shoots, model casting, photographer selection, fashion styling, prop styling, producing, photo editing, layout and ad campaign development, website development, copy writing, name generation, brand generation, videos, packaging, product development, trend forecasting, product design...the list goes on! (She has the eye of a fashion eagle...she can see things that no one else can!)

How does someone get to be where you are today?
Hard work and brains! My mind never stops! I really love fashion! And have an opinion about all of it! (I think it is essential for anyone who is interested in getting into the fashion industry to do the research. Know the History of Fashion, Know the Business of Fashion, and Know New, Old, and Unknown Designers and how to spell their names...what they are known for etc.)

What are your TOP 5 Rules for making it in the fashion industry?
1. Passion
2. Drive
3. Commitment
4. Loyalty
5. and be NICE!!!! smile....

What do you use as your inspiration for the shoots you direct?
My love for Expression and all that is beautiful...but also what is right for the brand and/or subject!

What is your fashion motto?
No fear - mix it up one day and then the next change....

What do you think the color to wear for spring 2007 is?
White and black...the absence of is always interesting...opposites...

Who is your fave designer?
Balenciaga and Jane Mayle

Where do you shop?
Everywhere....it is part of my job. Wherever I travel...

How do you find a GREAT deal for clothes?
Depends on what great deal means...but usually i see things people don't....so I often find great deals no matter where I go..but the obvious is Ebay, flea market or vintage store.

What are your favorite website?
www.net-a-porter.com and www.ebay.com. I am constantly searching for new ones...love drugstore.com too!

What shoes do you have to have right now?
Martin Margiela, Givenchy, Jane Mayle, Dries van Noten, clog boots from No.6

What books are you reading right now?
The Audacity of Hope, Everyday Greatness..I am behind on my reading!

When we had worked together, you had given me homework to do, if you were to give an assignment to all of the Fashionalities out there, what you would tell them to do?
Research the archives! look at designers and artists that have made a cultural impression on the world...see what speaks to you...and use that as your guide for what is possible and what makes sense for the project you are working on. Knowledge REALLY is power! I believe people love to learn...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The New Flat

I know we all still love and almost covet our ballerina shoes...but, the new flat to wear should and I think will be the driving shoe Moccasins...Tod's has always had the classic shoe, and now Isaac Mizrahi (who I think brings all trends before everyone else sees them) has brought them to Target in a variety of colors.

Tod's $345

Isaac Mizrahi for Target, 2 styles available Hannah or Alysia in a variety of colors from $20.99-$29.99

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Color Blunder

Do you ever wonder what colors to wear each season? Well, stress no longer...just flip through a magazine and check out what the nail companies like OPI are advertising...my boss made a great point a couple of weeks ago that the ads have all the trendy colors each season...so I did my research and found that she was right...if you aren't a magazine freak like me...just check out the popular colors at the nail salon while you are getting your mani and pedi...
*For fun, go to OPI and literally try-on many of the colors available on a virtual hand...it's kind of fun.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Real Stuff

So, I know that sometimes the real things seems unattainable, but here are a couple of items that are accessible…I promise…these are the ones I have bought without any help...I bought all of my items at Saks Fifth Avenue when I worked there which made them $100 or less...but, you can still get them at less than $200 or get a job at Saks and get from 30% to a double discount of about 45%! It is really worth it:)

Men’s Wallet, use like a clutch
ID Wallet


Dooney & Bourke:
You can find real Dooney & Bourke’s at almost any Thrift Store…those are the ones I L-O-V-E…I just got one for $19.99 at Goodwill…Just look for the following things to ensure this is the real thing. Strong leather detailing, I have grommets at the bottom of the bag...I am not sure what that is called:) And then the special tag on the inside that guarantees that this is real...

Easy Access

I am BIG into bronzer and I was so sad when I moved from New York City, the land of plenty when it comes to bronzers to Tucson, AZ that doesn't even have a Nordstrom...Well, needless to say, I was so excited when I found out that Pout (that I had previously bought at Barney's) is sold at Victoria's Secret! I couldn't believe it...I went right over to the MALL to check it out and lo-and-behold Pout was there. This bronzer is the best to keep your natural color with a glow like you just worked out.

Monday, July 02, 2007

So Many Options, Why Just Go With One

I didn't really get to shop while in Jamaica...but, the one thing I did buy was a skirt that can be worn a variety of ways by Kariza. A silk skirt made in India with fabulous prints that you can do so much with...even if you can't go to Jamaica or India for that matter...check out the site to purchase these amazing skirts...they can be worn as dresses like above, skirts, tops, and much more and it is not difficult to do...just follow the directions that are online.

Fashionalities Perspective

The NY Post did a great article about hi-low dressing…which I have been doing for years….I think that Fashionalities everywhere are accepting this and were already doing this…but, I think everyone else is still either all designer, all Target or Wet Seal, and stuck up about flea markets and thrift stores…here are my picks for hi-low dressing that I adore. If you don't want to look like everyone else, or just cut out of a magazine, put together the look that says you...regardless of where it is from and how much it costs, it is all about what catches your eye.

I love this chunky sweater with a skinny belt from http://www.shopbop.com/, Designer: Vince Cost: $340

Sweaters you can also get vintage from vintage shops,Thrift Stores, and ebay...but, just watch for holes in the fabric from moths. Nice and chunky $16, at http://www.curbside-couture.com/
And pair with a skinny belt from Forever21 for $7.80:

Is this hi or low?

Dresses w/ Pockets

But, accessories can't be bought low...accessories are what add the oomph to a look...a pair of Christian Louboutins, diamond earrings, or an LV purse (or classic leather bag for those who do not like labels) can add class to a look that was bought at Forever 21 or H&M. The thing is to wear what you love...but, keep it from looking cheap...no one needs to know where you bought it, unless you want them to know:)

Trend SPOT

I have been seeing PINK by Victoria's Secret EVERYWHER! Airports, gyms, weekend hotspots (Malls basically:)...PINK is the new juicy couture. I am not sure if it was the events, the myspace page, or all of the free panties that were given away on coupons in the magazines last year...but, all I see this summer are PINK tanks and pants with graphics and patches on the butt...And right now they are on sale...most of the sweats are only $19.99!

Fashionalities Interview

I was going through my business cards and I found Nikia Nelson's business card...my first official fashion department internship at REDBOOK magazine. She was the first experience from a fashion closet to a sample bin. That summer I learned how important a steamer was and now Nikia, the person who started my story in the fashion industry is now taking on a whole new facet of the fashion industry-Costume Design. I thought it sounded too interesting to pass up, so I asked her a couple of questions about work, fashion and a little more.

Career Questions:

F: How did you get into the fashion industry?
I went to FIT and I studied fashion, business and marketing communications. I went to fashion school because I wanted to open my own boutique, which is still a distant goal. (We will have to keep a look out for that:) I started out interning at magazines and showrooms when I was at school, so I learned a lot about the business by osmosis. I was fortunate on my internships with Interview magazine and Jane magazine to have good bosses who allowed me to do a lot more than what my job title required. (As did I, thanks Nikia)

F: Which area of the fashion industry do you prefer working, magazines or movies?
NN: I like doing both; I started out working at magazines, doing fashion market work. But to be honest, I really do love doing movies. I like creating a character by using wardrobe, props or furniture (to create their apt, work place etc). So I guess I prefer film to editorial just a little better.

Shopping Questions:

F: Where do you shop?
I shop everywhere; I love Bergdorf Goodman and Barney’s; But I also love H&M, Target, Zara, Forever 21, Anthropologie, French Connection, Urban Outfitters, J. Crew, Club Monaco, and Old Navy etc. I love all those cheap little shops downtown; you can always find great things there. I also love a lot of the smaller boutiques in my neighborhood (the east village/ LES) and of course thrift shops, Salvation Army too.

F: What are your favorite fashion websites?
NN: I don’t really shop on-line; most retail stores have websites now. Plus since I live in NYC, I have access to pretty much everything. But you can always find great stuff on ebay.

Fashion Questions:

F: Where do you find new/ developing trends:
I don’t really follow trends, but I am always observing what’s going on in the street. So I guess it’s what people are wearing in the city. That always inspires me. I also read all of the fashion magazines (American and foreign), but I feel that the magazines are always taking stuff from the street anyway, in the past trends were dictated by high fashion (like a trickle down effect, it would take a long time for trends to get to mass market), but now a days I think that it’s more of a trickle up effect.

F: Thoughts on the concept of high low dressing?
I love it! I have always dressed like that, I think it shows more character and personal style than someone who just goes to one store and wears one look from head-to-toe. It’s such a shame because you see so many people on the red carpet that look so styled and you can tell that they basically borrowed the whole look from the look book.

F: What are my favorite fashion movies?
There aren’t any good fashion feature movies. Lots of people have tried, but it never works. The best one was the documentary Unzipped. Devil wears Prada was all right, it got the industry right, but the industry is actually much worse than the film. But if you want films that are great fashion/costume type films then check out: Clockwork Orange, Klute, Angels & Insects, Funny Face; The Cook, the thief, his wife & her lover; Belle De Jour, Young Girls of Rochefort, Over the Edge, In the Mood for Love, The Long Goodbye, Curse of the Golden Flower, The Women, gosh I could go on forever:o)