Friday, March 13, 2009

Where Have All the Magazines for Young Black Women Gone?

Well, I thought all were gone when Honey, Vibe Vixen, and Suede disappeared instantly...but, there are many options online and I want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to flip through the pages.  I have always thought that black women have the most exceptional style and carry themselves with this type of swagger that I just love.  So, be influenced by these magazines and hopefully, one day, when the economy is better, they will print and we can devour them in our homes:)
Honey Magazine (has been resurrected and is currently just online.)


Anonymous said...

LOVE CLUTCH!! I would say out of all three mentioned it is truly a magazine. It releases new issues weekly and has a blog network and updates A LOT daily - unlike Honey and Lavish. It also has lots of celeb interviews with new and seasoned talent and good articles. They have taken the place of Suede in my eyes and the 1st online magazine for young fly black women.

Tasha said...

Clutch is online too... but its not the same!! And plus ppl rarely buy magazine. I am addicted to them though!!! and plus we have blogs now

Anonymous said...