Saturday, May 26, 2007

Trend: Lucite

It is time to shop...payless is stepping it up with their funky looks for the summer. These are HOT and only $25!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Get the Scoop and head to the Home Shopping Network

I never thought I would say this...I always flipped right past the channel, or laughed at what they were selling...but, now...I am telling have to check out either or flip to the Home Shopping Network and see what Stefani Greenfield is selling. This channel is no longer for your granny...HSN is getting hip with fashion can now access a more personal experience than shopping online at the comfort of your casa...The fun thing is you get everything you see on the model. The prices are up there....but, I am glad they didn't lose their edge and change the look of the real store...So, now, even if you don't live in NYC, you can still get the SCOOP at Scoop NYC at HSN.

Jump Into the Jumper Trend This Summer

It's all about the short jumper right now...well, at least that is what is catching my eyes and American Apparel is doing it just right. Just add a pair of pumps, open toe sandals, basically anything that gives you height and some fun jewels and you are ready to strut your stuff.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Steps into your Dream Job

Dear Fashionalities:

Q. I want to work at a great urban magazine but I have a feeling they will shoot me down because I do not have a lot of experience, what can i do?

A. Any market you are interested in can and will be need to sell yourself right away...set yourself apart from everyone else that will want the job. Internships are ALWAYS key! Show that you know what you want and you are doing all you can to get where you want to be...if need be, intern at the magazine to prove you want the job and work evenings at a bar or will be tired, but in the end it will be worth can sell yourself quicker when you are in the place you want to be...also, since you want to be in the magazine industry, work at a record store, boutique, or something that correlates to the industry you want to work in so that you can become and "expert." I would also recommend writing a blog, or just having a blog on myspace to get your voice. Finally, know all of the competitors, go to the library or book store every other week and read as many magazines that you think will be the competitor for the magazine you want to work with so you know what everyone is doing...then, just be yourself, in the end that is what is going to get you the j-o-b!

Good luck, and for more sites to help you find the opportunities go to:

Subscribe to the NYT Sunday Issue

All of you street trend tackers...check out Bill Cunningham's Sunday image collage of fashionistas from the streets of New York. I LOVE this one, it has my fave Goyard bag!!!!!!!!!!!

Fashion School Online Now

I think we are always trying to find a way to have an outlet to learning about the fashion industry without work getting in the way or not being in a state or city that offers the courses...well, now there is an option to learn about the fashion industry online, check it out:

The Place to Go for all OF your Fashion Information

Always be in the "know" for fashion trends, business, and much more.

I am in love with these jeans...wide leg, high waist, great wash!

From: TopShop

Cost: 45 Pounds

The New Color Jean

I want a pair of grey jeans this summer...wear them dressed up or down.

See Anything you Like?

3.1 Phillip Lim

See by Chloe

Vanessa Bruno

Get $75 off until May 31st off of anything! I can't even believe it! They have every designer you can think of that is HOT! Hurry up and check it out today!

H&M Sharing

Just spreading the wealth. 25% discount this weekend on everything. H&M is extending a 25% discount to everyone!Friday May 25th - Monday May 28th, at EVERY H&M in the USA!SAVE 25% on ALL* your purchases. You MUST register ONLINE in advance to receive this special discount offer: www.hmfriendsandfamily.comDiscount offer e-mail will be sent out Monday, May 21st. REGISTER ONLINE before then. Feel free to forward this offer to your friends! *Not valid on Gift Card purchases. 25% discount cannot be combined with any other offer.

Beauty Scoop

Everyone knows that all of the professional make up artists, from movies to the runway use the pink and green wand from Maybelline...the new magic wand for your eyes is the Neon Green wand, Define-a-Lash Mascara. Why pay $20 or more for something you are only supposed to keep for 3 months? If the professionals are using must be good:) Tip from a M.A.C. makeup artist...are you scared of using eyelash curlers? If so, just use you pointer finger...the natural warmth will help pull the eyelashes up and out like you want them to be...just apply the mascara and then use the tip of your pointing finger to and press the eyelash hairs up...not too much pressure and only use the one finger...and it is is perfect.

The Shoe For the Season

I was inspired by an image on The Satorialist the other day...a girl was wearing a pair of espadrilles with a bold print dress...I love the look and I think that espadrilles are comfortable with an add of sex appeal from the string around the ankle. Here is my look from the inspiration and a couple of espadrilles at a range of price points.

Ballet Espadrilles from Payless Shoe Source

Kors Espadrilles from for $230

Christian Louboutin at for 195 pounds

Basics are always perfect, Target $24.99

'Poetic Necessity'

My Favorite look, I love the blouse and the sweater!

SJP is going beyond being a "look." She is taking fashion to a deeper level...I love her approach to the new clothing line, "Bitten" that will be showcasing at Steve & Barry stores. Every item is below $19.98!!!!!!!! And SJP says everything is quality...even though I have to say Poly is not the best fabrication...but, it works:) SJP emphasized that the Bitten line is all about classics...which, I noticed with the consistency of black and grey as the feature colors for each item....she also ensured that everyone woman will be able to enjoy this line by sizing everything from 2-22! The line launches on June 7th at all Steve & Barry shops!
In the July issue of O Magazine, SJP will be the guest fashion editor, so check it out, I think it will be soo good!

BTW, on a side note, I think that SJP's vocabulary is my new trend...I love the way she expresses herself it enhances her look beyond her clothes...

Style is the Word

I met stylist, Anna Maria Diaz-Balart at a photo shoot for the catalog I work at and decided that we would all benefit from hearing from this fashionista...It's funny how we never really hear about the fashion jobs behind the scenes...we just hear of people like, Rachel Zoe who make themselves a celebrity at what they do...which is not wrong by any means... (to each their own) but I wanted to highlight a real deal stylist that I met that intrigued me.

1. How did you get into the industry as a fashion stylist? ....well I’ve been doing fashion as long as I can remember, in many ways I feel it was all up to this, after college I opened a small boutique with a friend of mine who was a stylist. It wasn’t long before I started styling too.

2. How much would you say you travel in a year? Where have you been in the last month? Its funny, it goes in waves. I split my time 50/50 between Miami and New York. For the longest time I was just working in those two cities. All winter in Miami, all summer in New York. All I wanted was to shoot on location. Starting a year ago, I think I’ve been away about 2-3 weeks a month! In the last month, I’ve been in Charelston, SC, Miami (for 12 hours) New York, Los Angeles, and today I am in Santa Barbara, CA.

3. What did you go to school for? I went to a great public high school in Miami called Design and Architecture Senior High, I majored in Fashion design. I majored in Cultural Anthropology in college. As much as I’ve always loved fashion, I wanted to study something broader, I loved traveling and meeting new people, so anthropology was a great match.

4. Where do you see yourself in this career in a year? I strive for balance in my career and in my personal life. So in a year,I’id like to have work that is balanced between catalogue, advertising, musicians, and editorial equally. I’d also like to balance my time working on and time off a bit better. When you’re totally self employed, sometimes is hard to say no to work. But when you’re working 16 hour days, sometimes you really need a few days off here and there to rest and keep yourself healthy and happy.

5. What do you think is the BIG trend for Spring 07/Fall 07? Trend is one of those words that gives me the chills....I'm just happy that big purses are still somewhat fashionable.

6. What is your fashion motto? Well this relates to the question above. I think the most important thing anyone can do with regards to clothing is cultivating a defined personal style. This means finding what works for you, your lifestyle, your body shape, your personality, and sticking with it. Even when it’s out of style’ it is your style. Trends are a time to stock up on necessary items that are part of your style. Being a slave to which ever trend pops up makes you look like just another worker bee in the hive. If you’re a bohemian, or a prep, or a girly girl..that's you! It doesn’t change when punk or powersuits come back in style!

7. If you could style anyone, who would it be? Brittney Spears. The woman needs me. But seriously, in an ideal world id have a show on TV where id show everybody how to pull together amazing outfits for less than 100$. I think fashion is there for everybody, that every woman should feel like a goddess when she walks out her door. Fashion isn't just for the very wealthy or celebrities!

8. What item do you think should be in every woman's closet? The most important things a woman can have in her closet are great fitting, simple, nude underwear and bras. Jeans that fit like a glove and are hemmed to the perfect length. A few pairs of great, high end shoes (expensive shoes can dress up an 18$ skirt, but cheap shoes always look cheap) and one dress that makes men weak!

9. Which stores do you rely on for great finds? I love Target!!! I love all the big couture names doing accessible pieces for everyone. I went crazy for the Proenza Schouler for Target collection, and the Luella Bartley collection was amazing too. I stock up on soft tees, winter tights, and nude undies there as well. But my absolute favorite store on earth is Foley and Corina in the Lower east side in Manhattan. On top of selling the most amazing vintage on earth, they remake vintage styles in fabulous luxurious fabrics When ever I have big events to go to, their my only choice!

Anna is doing what a lot of us dream of doing...but, she shows that it is a personal choice that you have to make to aggressively take control of your control and do what you want.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Find Your Fashion Dream JOB

Find a focused search for everything FASHION at:

Speaking of Swimwear

Hello Ladies!
It is time to do the bikini wax...I know a lot of you are scared of what could happen in the wax room, do not is worth it! Everyone I have got to do it is now addicted! Once you start you can't stop. This is not only for the beach ladies, you will want thousands of pairs of new pretty lingerie after, don't be scared...get it done...I will recommend salons, and tips for your first time in blogs to come...

1st BIG TIP:

Either Drink a glass of wine before the wax or more if someone is giving you a ride after
Take 2 Advils

You will thank me if you do:)

This hat does so much for me

This is the perfect piece to add to a basic black two piece swim it in this cover-up at any beach, pool, or lake...very on the riviera...

Completing the Look

I love how Beyonce used a classic scarf to set off her classic black dress...I love this look!

New York Event for all of the New Yorkers that Read

Saturday, May 19 Milly Saturday at Saks: Join us to view the latest trends from Milly12 to 4 on Five

Gain Your Fashion Rewards

I am LOVING Nordstrom's right now...A new designer line/site, Via C. and now a new program all about fashionista's getting what is coming to them:) Who ever said you don' t get anything for shopping non-stop:) The loyalty program not only gives you points for your purchases for great deals at the end of each quarter rather than each year like a majority of department stores also gives you chances to attend exclusive fashion events, a 24/7 fashion hotline for all of your fashion emergencies, access to the BIG Nordstrom sales before all other customers and much more...I am not going to pass this up! I have closed all of my credit cards, but this is one I have to have:)

Christian Louboutin's can Only Make an Ensemble Even More of A knock out

You can Wear Christian Louboutin Shoes with anything and they just stand out...the red heel just pops with any outfit and pulls any reds out of what you are wearing...
Bergdorf has the Fall 2007 line avaiable online...check it out for your special shoe this Fall.

A Chic Classic that Can Make Any Outfit pop

I am in LOVE with Missoni, but now I am really excited! There are some fabulous flats by Missoni that are sold at Intermix for $395 that will be in style forever. Get them now and be ahead of the ballet flat trend that everyone is doing with Tory Burch and Chanel.

Girl Power X's 2

Supergirl Tee $26
Supergirl Tank Dress $60

Ship Intuition has a new line called: Super Girl...the line is getting a lot of attention from Super Stars that Shop Intuition. Plus, the line has great works for me..GIRL POWER! Rock these tee's and take it back to what the SPICE GIRLS started it as!:)

This is a Great Event to go to Next Week in SF

If you are NEAR a Filene's Basement check out this SALE

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Easy Breezy Linen For The Summer

These are not your everyday linen pant...but, they are 100% Linen, by Ralph Lauren, Black Label at Nordstrom $698-the "Ellen" pant
Linen/Silk Blouse by Tracy Reese at Nordstrom $295

Linen-blend tunic, Lacey Parker $175

Target'-Mossimo $22.99

$295 J.Crew

There are so many options for what styles to wear and such a range of prices for linen...go for the comfort, go for the style...linen is made for the Summer, anywhere you live. Stay cool:)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I went to TopShop and had no problems checking the Kate Moss collection delays, but also no excitement...I wasn't really thrilled with any of the items...all pretty basic...

This was the most exciting item to me...a long dress with waist coat top for 75 pounds.

How Much Time Do You Have...

I have never been into Kate Moss, and it seems that fashionistas and men alike (including my hubby:) seem to love her...when I heard that she would have a line of clothes at Top Shop I was like ok...and then, when I got an email from Barney's New York saying that it was available on their site and everyone should shop I was like...I might as well here it goes.
Well, I attempted to browse and there are too many fashionistas skimming the pages...get in line everyone, maybe this is worth it:)

Always Look Everywhere for new items and looks...You never Know What You Might Find

$495 Like an Echo Dress

$395 Trapeze Dress

$150 A Spin on the Regular Shirt Dress

$225 Eyelet Dress
J.Crew has gone from basics to distinct items that look designer...I am in love with the dresses, one skirt (that I can't fine an image of), and shoes...I want it all...but, at the cost...I will either get my one key item on the top of my list and wait till it comes to SALE season:)

$175 Make a Basic LOok POP

Monday, May 07, 2007


I love these vintage-esque dresses! I found out about this AMAZING designer on Daily Candy. Smartfitzjerell is kind of on the pricey side, but, I love the mix of classic elegance and bohemian Mexican design.