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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


People still aren't familiar with DIY-or rather Do-It-Yourself ...which is the best way to create personalized fashion. Here are a few websites that offer easy directions to creating your very own look.
This site has a variety of fun projects that you can make and wear right now.
This is a blog by Style Bubble, which is listed on my blogs to check out...she has a whole section on DIY style...they are really check it out!
This magazine is all about DIY. The designers create all of their fashions on their own and there are articles that teach the reader how to do the same. This is an online magazine.,,,00.html
These aren't fashion DIY projects...but, they look fun. These would be nice things to make for friends as gifts.

Or try books like:
Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-ShirtMegan Nicolay
99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Trim, and Tie Your T-Shirt into Something Special
Faith Blakeney, Ellen Schultz, Justina Blakeney, Anka Livakovic
Tease: Inspired T-shirt Transformations by Superstars of Art, Craft, and Design
Sarah Sockit (Editor), Danielle Laurent (Photographer), Shoshana Berger (Introduction)

Have fun!

Editor's Selects

Just Because
I have just been surfing the web and thought I would share a couple of cute websites with everyone. Enjoy!
I heart paisley and I have wanted a red belt for a while:)
This site has great items that happen to be listed in a lot of magazines-check the press page for more inspiration!
This is a great place to shop for proms, weddings, cocktail parties and any occasion that you would like to dress up for.

Taking the BIG step

I write a lot of blogs about how to handle curly hair...but, it is more to help others like me who have grown out their relaxers and have decided to go natural...It was a really hard decision to decide to go natural and I am still learning how to handle my hair...I just found an article written by Tanesha Smith on It was very inspiring and it also has great tips on products that natural girls can use to tame the new found hair...If you are dealing with your new found hair or are trying to decide to go and get a relaxer or cut it out...then this is the article for you...

Fashion Search

Are you searching frantically for a piece that Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing on Sex and the City or what Beyonce was wearing to the basketball game last night...well, search no further. There are three spots that offer exactly that...what celebs are wearing on the web and in their stores...
This is a British website that is devoted to its shoppers by updating product and images on a regular basis. Plus, there is a great sale going on right now.
This website was created by a girl just like any of you and I that wanted to find clothes that were on the O.C. Since there was nothing out there that helped her find what she was looking for she decided to start this site which has helped so many people find that one piece they had to have after watching an episode from a variety of shows.

Boutique:Celebrity Closet Raider
Instead of finding something similar to what the celebs are wearing...or purchasing the same thing...why not purchase what the star actually wore...Regina Russell decided to take her online consignment store to LA. Anyone can go to 9157 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 300, West Hollywood, 310.273.7227 to find things that you saw on the red carpet...You never know...Majority of the merchandise are 75% off!


How to Spot a Fake
Have you ever been bidding on a piece on Ebay or shuffling through a vintage store and wondered if what you are gushing over is real? Well, Stephanie Lewis from Georgia is an expert on how to spot a fake and is going to share some great tips on how to spot a fake...Beware, there are a lot out there!
How do you spot a FAKE?
LOUIS VUITTON are EASIEST to IDENTIFY because the LV SHOULD NEVER....EVER be CUT OFF....THE SYMBOLS will run in the corners and be CUT OFF....however, the LV LOGO will NEVER EVER BE CUT OFF. This is the CASE with all of their PRODUCT including WALLETS, CHECKBOOK HOLDERS and BUSINESS CARD HOLDERS...NO MATTER how SMALL the item is, the LV LOGO is NEVER EVER CUT OFF due it running into a SEAM or a TRIM. Also, the SERIAL NUMBER is located on the leather tag sewn on the inside of the interior pocket. As for as CHANEL, there should be a small HOLOGRAM Double C serial number located at the VERY BOTTOM the purse. FOR ME, I can tell by the QUALITY and WORKMANSHIP on some of the designer purses such as COACH or DOONEY & BOURKE. The DOONEY & BOURKE label that's located on the inside of the purse should ALWAYS have a serial number. As for as EMILIO PUCCI is concerned, the EMILIO signature is LOCATED throughout the COLORFUL print....on all items including shoes and purses.

Should the seller allow you to be able to check and see if the product is real at a boutique and give the buyer the opportunity to return the item if the item is fake?
MOST DEFINITELY....any HONEST seller will and SHOULD. Whenever I inquire about the AUTHENTICITY of ANYTHING to a seller....I will email them and ask them if AUTHENTICITY is GUARANTEED......9 times out of 10....THEY WILL NOT RESPOND at all. Ebay has a STRICT policy about selling KNOCK OFFS. If you suspect that you have just purchased a FAKE....after INQUIRING...and AFTER they have GUARANTEED can REPORT the item to EBAY and file a report....PAYPAL will freeze their ACCOUNT until the situation is investigated....and EBAY will sometimes SuSPEND their account. If you feel that item is FAKE while it's LISTED on EBAY, you can REPORT that item and Ebay will AUTOMATICALLY END the listing THEMSELVES...especially if the seller DOES NOT respond to you GUARANTEEING the products AUTHENTICITY.
How much do used designer pieces usually cost?
It TRULY depends on MANY factors....from the SET PRICE in your mind that you feel the item is worth....and what you are willing to pay. It also depends on how hard this item is to find...and if it's HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE. It can also depend on the CONDITION of the item.....a MINT CONDITION RUDI GERNRICH COLORBLOCK DRESS can go from $300 up to $700. Finally, it also DEPENDS on the ECONOMY as well because a few years back, HIGH END designer vintage items such as EMILIO PUCCI, were going for prices as high as $1000.00 or more on EBAY. I truly feel that this is a BUYERS MARKET because now you can get a NICE Pucci dress for $200.
Besides ebay, where else do you think that people can find used/new designer pieces for a good price?
You may LUCK UP and find designer items at your local Thrift Stores such as Salvation Army or Good Will. You may have BETTER LUCK finding them at local CHARITY Thrift Stores such as the Council for Jewish Women Thrift Shops and Junior League Thrift Stores. I LOVE The IRVINGTON INSTITUTE in NYC and HOUSING WORKS in NYC as well. They both have LOADS of DESIGNER Vintage items. You will have EVEN better LUCK at CONSIGNMENT SHOPS because well dressed FASHIONISTA take their items there to make a SMALL profit off of their designer clothing that they are NO LONGER wearing.
What advice do you give to anyone trying to find a vintage designer piece-be it a purse or a dress?
RIGHT NOW, it is DEFINITELY a BUYERS MARKET.....You can look on Ebay at the ENDED AUCTIONS to see any items that ENDED but DID NOT SELL....and sometime contact the seller to make an offer. If the items has been listed a few times WITHOUT any bids, the seller is usually HAPPY to accept a lower price because each time he list the item he is still being charged the NON-REFUNDABLE ebay fee. Again, go to your local CONSIGNMENT SHOPS because IN TODAYS BUYERS MARKET, they may be willing to bargain with you on a certain designer pieces. It also depends on the CITY.... you can easily find DEISIGNER items in ATLANTA at pretty REASONABLE prices than you can PERHAPS in NYC. There are still some places here in Atlanta where people do not KNOW what they have. TRUST ME, I KNOW, I found a Chanel Linen Jacket at one of my BEST KEPT SECRETS here in Atlanta for $28.00 and sold it on Ebay for about $200.00. I also found a GUCCI Clutch Wallet purse at the SAME PLACE for about $30.00. I found a BURBERRY Plaid Pleat Skirt on their sale rack for $6.50 and sold it on Ebay for almost $100.00. I would have NEVER EVER found anything like that at those prices in NYC.
If you have more questions for Stephanie Lewis you can find her on myspace with her own page and a group called Ebay Fashion, which you can join once you are a member of
*Interesting read on the topic: "FAKE:Forgery, Lies, and eBay" by Kenneth Walton
*Also, check out this site that sells Designer Vintage items:

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New British Magazine Alert

There is something new out there that everyone has to go pick up or at least go flip through at B&N!

The magazine: Lula
The Contents: This was created by a UK stylist and it includes images of beautiful girls in beautiful clothes.
Where to buy: Barnes & Noble
Cost: $16...I know, I know...but, this is such a new concept for just have to check it out:)


Inspiration is everywhere...just look around.
Do you have problems every morning finding something to wear besides your basic blouse and trousers? Do you need something to help you get a lock on your look each day? You should try creating your very own Look Book. This is a fun way to make it easy to just wake up and have a look already prepared.
It's easy to do. Just start clipping (cutting) images from magazines that you like during each season...or maybe just whenever you see something you like and pasting the images in a regular old notebook. It is a fun and cheap way to keep looks without having to keep the whole magazine and find the page that you liked again. So, start will be glad you did...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Store News

New Boutique Coming to Town...

Tarina Tarantino is coming to New York! If you are not familiar with her name, you have definitely seen her necklaces worn by the celebs...people like Cameron Diaz have worn the Hello Kitty necklaces that Tarina Tarantino has designed. If you love pink or Hello Kitty she is the place to go for a fun and festive piece of jewelry. Tarina is based out of Los Angeles, California, but she is opening a flagship store here in New York in SoHo. This is sure to be an amazing store to experience. Keep checking for dates.

Shoe News

"Payless Shoe Source is putting a fresh foot forward..."
Payless Shoe Source not only has a new designer line coming this fall, but also a new store design concept that launched in the Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kansas. There will be a new face for Payless transforming right before our eyes. This store is going to go from Star Jones and the Bogo promotion, to something more stylish and versatile with a splash of trends from the season. I think it will still be accessible to the previous customer. But, now it will also be welcoming to those fashionista's out there that purchase from stores like Barney's to Target. It is all about cross-shopping now and Payless is getting involved.
See new shoes to come below by designer, Laura Poretzky.

P.S. Patricia Field is stlying the commercials for Payless now!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Beauty Buzz

Believe it or Not...
I have been working on growing my natural eyebrows back in after waxing since I was in the 6th is a slow process and I have been anxious to see what the new me will look like;) I went to the Anastasia eyebrow salon about two weeks ago for a consultation (that was free) to see how my eyebrows should look...needless to say I have been having too much hair waxed off over the years...My appointment was supposed to be today...but, just to check and see if enough hair had grown in I went to the salon yesterday to see if there was enough progress...and to my dismay it still isn't grown in enough...but, I scored a great tip that I have to share with everyone!
I have always been curious if Rogaine would help hair grow on the eyebrow hair or if it was unsafe and would give me a uni-brow;) Well, the ladies working at Anastasia highly recommended Rogaine or lower end brands to help promote fast growth. Tip: Apply hair growth cream to your eyebrow area twice a day (in the morning and in the evening). You should start seeing results in 1-3 months. So, no plucking or waxing during this time...let it be au natural:)
Remember, your natural brow is the brow that accentuates the whole package on your face...

Fashion Find

I was walking by Henri Bendel's yesterday and saw someone spray painting shirts inside and I had to walk in to check it out.
Blairwear is having a Trunk Show at Henri Bendel until tomorrow customizing shirts, tanks, makeup bags and totes. Have fun creating an oh so you item with the designer. If you don't have time to get to Henri Bendel's check out the site at to find more events coming soon.

Friday, July 21, 2006


I just found the cutest website that I am going to have to bookmark called Fred Flare at Everyone should take a peek. There is shopping, podcasts, a diary to click through and much more!

Fashion Reality Star

Our very own Daisy Lewellyn from ESSENCE will be on a new show airing next week on TLC

Dinner Takes All
Airs at 5:30pm
Monday, July 24-Friday, July 28
Wednesday, July 26: Daisy's actual Dinner Party
This show is a competition to see who can host the best dinner party. This is a great way to get ideas and everyone watch to support Daisy!

Editor's Note

For anyone who knows me...they know that I am a paper freak! I love to write everything down, even though I have a palm pilot. I like to scribble notes to myself all day in a variety of journals for work, home, and in my purse. I have been seeing a lot of beautiful journals out there and I wanted to highlight them for any other writer or scribbler (like myself) out there:)

You always have to have a pen and paper ready for great ideas that come about...

The Manuscript Books by Smythson of Bond Street are a classic treat. They come in a variety of colors and just make a girl look all pulled together at work or school. This brand is kind of on the pricey side, but if you deserve a little treat from yourself for some hard work at work or school, then this is it:)

For a sleek, modern notebook, try Muji, an inexpensive company that has a lot of fun everyday things at a very low price. My first time shopping at Muji was in London where they have boutiques all over the city. I know that Muji is sold in New York City at the MoMa store, or you could always go online at to shop.

I love Jordi Labanda, and therefore I love all of the products with his work on it. This is a fun notebook with fashiony characters on each cover. I could only find this image, but it does the brand no justice...go to to find more like this.

LV has something new for you...

Keep a look out!
I just read that LV will be introducing an iconic bag in August next week called the Louis Vuitton Lockit! This style was originally created in the 1950's, so it is sure to be a classic.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Other's People's Trash is other people's...

Well, in this case it friend just shared a new website that is the craziest thing I have ever heard of...but, I think I love it;) The site sells unclaimed baggage products from clothing to books to music...I don't's different, but, why not? Check it out at:

GAP is back again

I feel as though I have an on again, off again relationship with the GAP. When SJP was there I had to have everything...then a designer from Marc Jacobs came to design and I thought I was in heaven...and for a few seasons after I was still checking things out...but, since last winter I haven't purchased one GAP piece...and then it comes...the new upswing is here again and I think I like what I see...there is this Utility Leather Jacket that I think I will have to have:) But, we shall is nice to see that GAP is coming back with some good stuff. I think it is their new advertisement style that has caught my eye and made me check out the site and see what is happening.
Until August 2nd the Gap New York store on 54th and 5th will be having free concerts every Thursday at 7pm.

Ask the Editor

If you have any fashion blunders come to me with questions and I will do the research and help you out. Every fashion problem has an answer!



Beauty Buzz

M.A.C. Limited Edition Line
M.A.C. is teaming up with designer Zandra Rhodes for a limited-edition cosmetic line. The pieces look very Zandra Rhodes. The line looks very bright and swirly. The cases remind me of a vintage Zandra Rhode's dress that I have at home, so it is very fitting:)
I couldn't find images of the makeup line on the net...but, just to give you all an idea of what the designer is like, Zandra Rhodes picture is below.

Shoot for the Stars...

Make your dreams come true...
For anyone out there that has ever aspired to be a stylist there are so many opportunities right now to take advantage of. Many stylists are starting to teach seminars with tips and tricks of the trade. Check out a couple of the organizations that you can attend.
1. Fashion Luv Joenz
This organization will be having a seminar entitled: The Basics of Fashion Styling: So You Want To Be a Fashion Stylist? on July 31st from 6-8PM. All who will attend can expect to learn how you can get started in the industry. This is happening in New York City.
2. Funkylala
Funkylala has a variety of workshops that you can choose from to learn about various careers in the fashion industry. I actually attend the Fashion PR workshop in San Francisco about three years ago and learned so much. Funklala is all about empowering entrepreneurs and giving them the tools they need to start their business ventures. I have never attended the stylist workshop, but I am sure that the attendees will walk away with so much needed information. These workshops are presented across the United States.
3. Fashion Schools
There are fashion schools in every state and people interested in styling can look into programs for continuing education. You can either just take classes that interest you or you could do the certificate program which is always good to have when starting out.
In the end it is all about exposure, who you have worked with and the experience you carry. You will learn everything in these opportunities above...but, if you have any questions, please feel free to write me at and I will share everything I know.
I also have a fashion career website at with information about finding jobs in the fashion industry.

These Shoes Were Made For Walking...

And that's just what they'll do:)
Manolos' have made their way into our lives and there's no getting around that. From Carrie on Sex and the City adoring seeing them in every fashion magazine. They are the classic pump with a sexy edge. Bergdorf Goodman has an array of options for you to choose from for the fall online right now. There is every color in the rainbow for you to choose from and the selection is split up by category of daytime, sandals, evening, classics and exotics to make it even easier for your to choose from. Check out the site for inspiration of what is to come...and maybe purchase your one big purchase for the fall:) A girl could never have too many Manolos you know.
Also, check out Manolo's Shoe Blog for more updates on various shoe designers and styles at She also writes columns...kind of like if you've got a shoe quandary, she is your answer!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Book Recommendation
Just like a girl needs her collections of Chanel scarves and Louis Vuitton handbags...every girl needs a library of classic fashion references.
There are too many Assouline books to really pick from. I just thought I would highlight a few to catch your interest and then you can go to the site and see if there is anything that screams YOU:)
You find various topics to choose the books from, i.e. style or fashion.

Quick Fix

I know that we are all familiar with the magic that Spanx can bring under a pair of thin slacks or a fitting dress or skirt. Well, now Spanx has a new piece of work that goes with the trends of the season, but also keeps everything smooth. They are the tight end footless tights for only $24 that can be worn during the fall with your boots or under some of those summer dresses that just need a couple of pieces to take them through the fall.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Networking is Key

I met stylist, Rebecca Weinberg tonight at the Target event and found out that she is so approachable. She was very informative about the fashion industry and what she does and where she thinks people like myself can go career wise as an entrepreneur. I just want to recommend and remind everyone that you never know what someone will say unless you ask.

Images from the Fashion World

Tonight I went to the first viewing of the new Go International line at Target for Winter 2006/2007. While I was viewing the AMAZING pieces to come by designer Behnaz, I took pics of the ladies attending. See pictures below of what New Yorkers wear to events during the weekday after work.

Fashion Hardware

I remember the first time I saw the Klein Tools hardware bag in Lucky magazine...I searched all over for it and the men at Home Depot didn't even know what the bag was with the clipping! I searched high and low and could only find the larger size! I usually wear the bag on the weekend. One Saturday I carried the bag in the meat packing district and some ladies working at Charles Nolan went crazy and fell in love:) Which of course made me feel better about only finding the larger size:)
Today on Best Bets email for New York magazine I found out that there are not only hardware bags, but cute little tool bags that look like little pencil cases. Check out to purchase your own. Here are some pictures of the bags so you can carry them with you:)

Good luck!

Fashion Flash

I just read in a WWD Breaking News email that Rochas will be discontinuing their fashion line and just work with fragrances. The company will continue with the shipment of the fall line, but cease after that. This will be a bittersweet farewell to all of the ladies that were able to see the shows in Paris and those of us that were able to watch from television screens and images from designer, Olivier Theyskens work.

Many celebutantes wore Rochas gowns for various red carpet Kirsten Dunst to the premier of Marie Antoinette...

Be Inspired

Our peers are our greatest influences...if you want to see what everyone is wearing on a range of levels check out Face Hunter at

Monday, July 17, 2006

Fashion Find

Bell by Alicia Bell was found while skimming through a profile on This shows the great things you will find on that site! When I googled Alicia Bell I also found that Oprah loves her as well...which just puts the stamp on why she is soo great. Check out her site!

Sharing is Caring

Do you love to showcase your style or get ideas from other fashionista's then you need to become a member of Style Diary ( It is the best community online to share ideas about fashion and styling as well as get inspiration from your fashion peers. People from all around the world, different ages and styles share on this site. Come and check it out and be inspired!
Plus there are always three to four editorial pieces with information on new trends or fashion leaders in the industry...

Project Runway: See past designers sites

I want the new designers to come out with a site...but, we probably have to wait for the season to end:) Till then we have the past contestants...
Kara Janx

Daniel Vosovic

Chloe Dao

*Check out the article in the August issue of ELLE on newsstands now.


I never thought I would like anything by all seemed a bit too young and sweatshirt-ish...but, alas...I have found a few things I think I almost LOVE:)

I didn't know that Kimora is venturing into beauty...I really want to try her new lipgloss in Mimosa Fabulosity looks like a beautiful color. I wonder if she uses these products...

Next, in clothing I was just flipping through the August issue of ELLE (and might I add Kiera Knightly is on so many covers) and I saw an ad with a shirt dress by Baby Phat that is really cute...see below.

*This is from the Fall 2006 advertising.

Also, Kimora has come out with a new book called Fabulosity for your reading pleasure.

*You can purchase at or

Fashion Book

Are you a shop-a-holic...of course you are...then, check out this book...I think I have to get this today:)
This book helps you organize all of those must need purchases:) Shop away!

Point of Interest

British Clothing Ossie Clark makes a comeback

A British designer makes a comeback this summer with amazing long dresses with funky design from the 60's and 70's. These looks are being recreated today so it is nice to see some of the originators taking their place back in the fashion game with their original pieces tweaked a bit.

Below is a vintage Ossie Clark piece I found on ebay...