Thursday, December 06, 2007

Need Help Getting a Look on a Budget, with No Time

Check out Haute Mimi 4 some chic advice on being fashion-ably complete on a dime, and on a consistent basis.  I also LOVE her site...the music makes you want to browse for a while like you are in a great boutique.  Snaps to the site! 

I think that it is essential to invest in accessories like a great designer handbag or shoe for each season...but, for the trendy (rest) try the new Payless Vintage line that is currently in the Payless store on almost every corner.  The items are another line offered by Abaete and can be found  at:

I personally love the coin purse (a great stocking stuffer) and the Bayley d'Orsay Pump.

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Unknown said...

Great suggestions! :)