Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holiday Dressing Made Easy

I go by a couple of fun rules when it comes to dressing for Holiday Functions.

1. Black Tie Functions: Why not break the rules? Why be in the same colors, i.e. Black, Silver, Red, etc. for a fabulous function and not rock something unique like the print I love below with all of the bead work and the lotus print that goes with the tattoo on my foot:)? Yes, the colors are a bit Spring-y, but I think it works because it is different and can be a conversation starter.

2. Office Parties: Wear something trendy that pops with a basic. I am planning on wearing my vintage sequin top that has A LOT of bling to it with a great purple wool skirt with bronze buttons that brings everything together for the look...Once again it is something that will get people talking...and that is what I love.

3. A gathering with friends and family: Wear a great red dress with shoes that have a red bottom...these actually aren't Christian's...I bought these in New York before the red bottoms were big luckily and NYC Shoes was doing the red bottoms which I think brings the look together.

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