Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Introducing, the Ladies of Fabulous on a Budget!

After a year of checking out the girls, Leah & Mary that star on their very own show, column, and site-Fabulous on a Budget, I decided that so many Fashionalities need to check out this fashion duo for fashion tips for a budget with a humorous and yet glamorous twist.

So, check out the exclusive interview and get to the ladies of FOAB and what their faves are in the 9 question interview below!  

1.  How did you all begin Fabulous on a Budget?
We noticed how difficult it is for young women without a lot of money to look professional and polished.  We began creating a girls budget style guide.
2.  Was FOAB started on myspace?
We did not begin this on myspace, but myspace definitely made it possible for us to communicate with real girls about their style triumphs and woes.  It gave us a forum to interact and to showcase our style tips and ideas.  (Which you can get almost daily if you sign up on myspace.)
3. Did you think it would get this BIG?
We are continuously amazed when people tell us they love our site.  We just have a great time and we just really love that we can help girls and be silly and have fun at the same time.
4.  Do you all now feel like web-celebs?
Only web-celebs!?  We feel super lucky to have friends all over the world that care enough to even look at our little old site!  We really try to include useful information and uplifting ideas for our viewers, and the more people get involved, the more fun for us.  We have had a couple of funny experiences though, including making friends with girls in school, only to realize we had been corresponding for months via myspace.
5.  What are your most recent fab, great finds?
Mary: One of my recent fab finds is Wet 'n Wild lip color in hot pink!  I just loved the color, so I figured $1.99, no problem.  I wore it out and all night long, I was receiving crazy, cool compliments.  One darling girl asking if it was the new YSL lipstick and another asked me if it was Chanel!  I actually felt really good saying, "No, you're gonna die.  $1.99 lipstick from Wet 'n Wild."
Leah: Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I visited with my family in Yoakum, Texas.  The only thing to do in Yoakum is to go to the "Family Dollar."  It's my very favorite thing to do!  This trip I brought home two leather belts for .99 cents!  They are perfect accessories for belting all my sweaters and dresses this season!  I also scored two little button down blouses for $1.97.  They always have the funkiest stuff.  You never know what you will find.  And that is half the fun!
6.  What are the top 5 ways that a girl can live like a top fashionista on a mini budget?
We each answered this only because we each have a separate approach to being FOAB.
1.  Shop Vintage!   I get the best one of a kind ensembles second hand.  Don't be afraid to dig and keep an open mind.
2.  Cheap Shoes can ruin an outfit!  I'll spend $1 on a dress, but my shoes are almost always well-made.  I'll get my heels at off-price stores, such as Nordstrom Rack (my fav!), Off Fifth, Loehmans, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, even Ross...
3.  Good Hair!  It is a necessary expense.  You must keep your locks styled.  It makes you feel sexy and it pulls your ensembles together.
4.  Mix it up!  You can never wear head-to-toe anything.  Mix your Forever 21 with a vintage coat and funky heels.  Effortless is key and if you look like a mannequin, your style is not your own.  No one will know you are wearing a $20 dress if paired with your old favs.  
5.  Drink lots of water!  It sounds so cliche but seriously, it makes your skin glow, helps you eat less, and flushes out all impurities. 
7.  Fabulous on a Budget Faves:
Site:, it's so fun to look through everything, not to mention the "Free" and "Barter" sections.  Oh yeah, and the "Missed Connections" is rather entertaining as well.
Store: Hidden Treasure's in Topanga Canyon, CA.  It's the cutest, funkiest, most reasonable vintage store with amazing accessories and the coolest home stuff.  It's nestled into the's magic.  I'm fully convinced fairies live there.
Music: Right now, I am super inspired by Led Zepplin IV.
Designer: Stella McCartney.  I love what did for Chloe.  I adore Stella, my signature fragrance.  Also, she did planet friendly without sacrificing fashion, which even after everyone jumped on the green bandwagon, seems a hard mix to find: fashion forward eco-clothing.  She was even the namesake to my little '96 jetta, "Stells."
Blog: Leah will write something, and I learn something new from my very own site!
Site:, I know it is trashy to read celebrity gossip, but at least I refuse to actually pay for tabloid magazines.  Hey, I gotta stay up on our pop culture somehow!
Store: The "dumptique" on Martha's Vineyard.  It is actually a little shack that is set up right outside of the dump and people unload their unwanteds and you can take whatever you like for FREE!  Last time we were there Mary got a pair of vintage Gucci shoes!!  And of course, the Family Dollar.
Music: I'll be the first to admit that I am shakin' what my momma gave me to a little Britney Spears.  You know you are too!  I also have the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Led Zepplin and Celine Dion (I love her new CD too!) on repeat right now...I know, very random.
Designer: Betsy Johnson.  Her party dresses just kill me!  I feel like a cupcake in them...and who doesn't love cupcakes!?
Blog: Fabulous on A Budget...I am a huge fan.
8.  Are there more items to come on your online store?
Yes, we are actually creating our Fabulous line of guys T's.  We will eventually have an entire collection devoted to making you, your home, and your friends Fabulous on a Budget!
And, I know we all look forward to that...for more of these girls check them out on their site at Fabulous on a Budget or search for them on myspace.  

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