Monday, December 10, 2007

Shopping for Looks from the Hit TV Show, Girlfriends on the new CW

Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee Ellis ROss
Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross
I have to be honest, I used to watch Girlfriends for the show alone when I was in college...but, recently, I only watch for the style...and mainly only Tracee Ellis Ross' looks.  But, all-in-all, I still love the show and am a dedicated viewer. 

Stacy Beverly, the costume stylist for Girlfriends and The Game does an amazing job with the budget she is given to give each character a distinct look.

Joan Clayton/Tracee Ellis Ross has a bohemian chic look going on and I know many viewers like myself want to know where to go to get her look.  Here are a couple of places I have found doing the research:
  • Accessories are key, search for key pieces from the show like: Hoops, Chandelier earrings bold necklaces, rings or bracelets/bangles with an ethnic edge.  A jewelry designer that Stacy Beverly likes is Dominique Cohen. 
  • Trousers, wide leg and high-waisted styles are very signature for Joan on Girlfriends.  She is all about the drama in her look and her character for that matter.
  • Stacy Beverly recommends that everyone have the following in their closet: black pumps, black skit (I recommend pencils and that is what Joan usually wears), great pair of trousers tailored-once again, this goes back to wide legs and higher waists and getting something tailored always makes the pieces even better.
  • Boutiques that Stacy Beverly frequents: Catwalk on Fairfax Ave., Decades on Melrose, Curve, Vionett, Magda Berliver
  • Ethnic Prints
  • Long Cardigans
  • Huge Handbags 
  • Also, through my searches I found a site that recommended items for women with curves like Tracee, try the following: Joe's Jeans Honey Fit, 7 for all mankind  for jeans (they never really worked for me, but we could all try and see), Victoria's Secret Marissa fit pants, and A-line or pencil skirts.  Check out more great ideas from 
For more ideas on how to attain this look from another fashion blogger than loves Girlfriends style check out:
*These are pics of Tracee Ellis Ross in real life...I am going to have another post with clips from the show so that everyone can see what she wears on the show...


fantastic said...

I feel the same way about Girlfriends, and have always watched the show to check out what she's wearing! Thanks for the post :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to know the brand of the black slouchy hobo Joan always carries. She's been carrying it since last season. Does any one have any idea the handbag brand?

stilettosnsmiles said...

To the person who asked the brand of bag Joan always carries on the show, it is a Gucci bag.

Anonymous said...

I am racking my brain trying to remember the designer of the "very" expensive handbag Toni Childs wanted (and got), but couldn't really afford. Joan kept telling her to take it back. Help! Anyone out there remember that show?

bobo99 said...

To anonymous regarding the really expensive bag Toni was sweatin'; I believe it was the Birkin bag by Herm├Ęs. The bag was also the subject of a 'Sex and the City' episode. Beyond expensive!

Anonymous said...

Actually,it was a Crocodile Kelly bag by Hermes. Does anyone know the brand name of the asymmetrical black leather jacket that Joan has worn on several episodes, or where to find it?

Jay said...

Tracee Ross does bring in the fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what type of dress was joan wearing on the episode when she was dating the married man and his wife followed him to her house and her eye started twitching, i love the pattern of the dress, but i don't know the proper name of the type of dress heop!!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love Girlfriends-the content and the wardrobe. looking into the wardrobe somehow led me to this blog-cool post... lately i have been feeling the wrap halter's joan/tracee wore to 'toni child's realty' opening, does anyone know who its by? thanks

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Tamara said...

Where can I find those drapey, loose fitted pants that JOAN normally wears. It scrunches at the bottom and she wears them with heals or boots with a shirt. All i see are goucho pants....i want the loose goucho feel but i want it scrunched at the bottom.