Sunday, December 09, 2007

Take Note: WWD picks

I was skimming through a lot of WWD this weekend and wanted to share the highlights that stood out to me:

  •  Indian designer Suneet Varma, not only received an aware from Bollywood as designer of the year, but he will also design the costumes for Goldie Hawn's new movie, "Ashes to Ashes."  His looks are currently sold in Indian under the garment label, Le Spice.
  • Something to look forward to, H&M will be partnering with Marimekko to use vintage(( (50's to 70's) prints this Spring 2008.  The prints are very bright with an ethnic influence. 
  •  Uniqlo is everywhere!  I am hearing about it on the fashion makeover shows to reading about it in WWD~I say that this is a sign and the store is going to be BIG like ZARA, H&M and MEXX are...
  • Rachel Roy is about to be everywhere...I remember when Tracy Reese was only at select stores, and now I feel like she is everywhere.  I am very excited for Rachel Roy, she definitely deserves this!  With the change, she will also be adding new categories and open freestanding retail units in key U.S. locations.
  • Tokyo Girls are doing fashion shows BIG!  I am uploading a You Tube video for everyone to get an idea of what they do...great for inspiration.  The even start in 2005 with only 1,500 attendees, this year it rose to 24,000...could you imagine New York fashion week at that level...also sites to take note of:,, and
  • French Connection is supposed to be remodeled in SoHo...I am not sure if this is going to spark something new for the store...but, good luck to them...I remember when everyone wanted a FCUK it's like oh, that brand...
  • Nordstrom is getting on the map, so it seems...they are looking into a Park Avenue Site...lets all cross our fingers...they have been "eyeing" New York City for years now...I think that their New York City Store will be a Must-Go-To once it happens though:)
  • Book to get:  The Tokyo Look Book-get inspired on so many levels. 

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