Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Goyard Dream Comes into Reality with a Couple of Options

AFter seeing the blog that Who What Wear Daily (who has a great blog today on Ally Hilfiger whom I haven't heard about since her MTV Show) wrote about some mildly expensive handbags that compare to the very expensive, but how much I dream of Goyard bags that are sold at Shop Intuition I was excited...

but, my mouth dropped when I saw the Love Luggage Joint carry on/handbags at of all places TJ Maxx.  When I first noticed the bags I couldn't believe mine almost considered that the item could be a Goyard and no one knows who Goyard was so I thought I had just gotten, I didn't buy the bag right away...I checked out the brand and did some research when I got home. (Which, of course I had to share.):

The carry on/handbags are sold at the following reputable locations:
Electric Ladyland
Shoes N More
Pumpz and Company
Jasmine Sola
The retail on the site ranges from:
$65 for a wallet 
$355 for a carry on
But,I found 2 different styles from the brand that only cost from $19.99 to $29.99 and they are styles that are only right now!
With all of this information, I decided that I had to have at least one of the bags until I was able to buy a, you should check it out ASAP before the word gets out!
The designs are very similar to our beloved Goyard bags, but have a distinct differences like crowns or skeletons decoration the outside that make each bag funky and unique. 

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Jodi Kendall said...

Where is that top one from? The brown one with the stripes? I might die if I don't buy it... ;)