Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Unexpected: America's Next Top Model

The final choice was: 
Saleisha America's Next Top Model
Now, we all know that she was in Tyra's camp and she has had past experience...but, honestly, even though I didn't think she was terrible...I didn't have her in my top 3...but, I still have to say, kudos to her!  She did prevail and her past experience helped her get ahead, but she learned and tried new things throughout the entire episode, so snaps to Saleisha for a wonderful win! 


Anonymous said...

There was something about Saliesha that told me that she would win. I was right. I loved her and Lisa the most.

Anonymous said...

i totally wanted Jenna to win. All of her photos from the beginning were wonderful and her personality was so real. I loved the sarcasm, rather than Saliesha who seemed to act cocky. There was something about her that I didn't trust. I feel like Tyra had her picked from the beginning..