Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Making the Cut, the Bob Cut that is...

I have done something drastic and I have to share with everyone.  I have gone for the bob cut...I just had that feeling and I was ready to do it...and now I see the cut everywhere:)  So, I have to share the trend:)  (BTW, I like too many of the Carrie Bradshaw interpretations of the bob:)Carrie Bradshaw curly bobVictoria Beckham bob
Katie Holmes with a bobIman bob
Natasha HolstineBobs can even make celebs like Britney Spears look like she is going in the right direction...
or, if you are like Jessica Simpson and you can't part with the hair you have, then you can do the trick for the stars...a wig, a shortened weave (which I have tried), or you can just easily pin you hair after doing tight, large curls.

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