Friday, July 04, 2008

Your Feet Deserve Nothing But The Best This Summer

Yes, we all own the infamous, plastic sandal...and even if you paid a pretty penny with one of the DELUXE Havaianas....just nothing can compare to a pair of designer brand shoes for the summer...No, every pair you get will not have that designer price point, but at least one pair should get your through the summer taking a basic ensemble to another level with the craftsmanship that a pair of designer sandals should carry.
Some brands to consider for your summer wardrobe are:
Faryl Robin is a trendy new designer that I have a pair of shoes from and have worn them from all day in India to every occasion here at home. They are not only comfy, but they are just a perfect trend investment for this season because I know I will wear the shoes with everything. And, keep that in mind when you purchase your one "Designer" shoe for this summer.
How much will you wear them? Stuart Weitzman...a brand that before working at Stems a shoe Boutique, I didn't realize was one of the American designers of his time...everyone LOVES a pair of Sturart' is like the idea of having a Manolo or a Jimmy...Stuart has been around for a long time, known how to make a shoe just right for a woman and creates amazing designs that can be worn forever. I fell in love with the color of this shoe when it came into Stems recently and had to share!
Cole Haan, a brand that is owned by Nike, so carries the comfort of a sneaker but the sleekness every woman's shoe should have. Slingbacks are sexy style to have for the summer...the heel is not too high and the point is perfect for any look from jeans to dresses and skirts.
Although I want to say to avoid short with this style shoe, I think that CB wore a pair of slingbacks with shorts, a long jacket and a paper boy, to each their own:)

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