Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Italian Vogue is HOT, HOT, HOT

In New York it seems that everyone is trying to get a copy of the Italian Vogue featuring women of color...my fashionista friend was soo excited that she got a copy that she sent me a message on my Wall for Facebook:)  I wanted a copy, but now, in Tucson, I am going ASAP tomorrow to see if it is easy to purchase a copy...I really doubt that they will be missing from the racks...but, you never know:)  New York Magazine  said that Conde' Nast is printing an extra 10,000 copies!  WOW!
Sidenote: My fashionista friends also said that the Italian Vogue costs $375 for a year subscription!  How many of you have one?

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Wearit.com said...

I thought the French Vogue was where fashion happened, and I'm so proud that Italian Vogue is where it's at!