Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Target Botkier Review

*This is the style I really liked...we shall see if it stands out in person...I hope it is large...I think that is what really disappointed me...I expected them to be larger...also, I noticed that the Gryson bags aren't leather either...hmmmmm....I guess at that price point I can't be picky:)

I actually saw the line in the store today before the official opening and sadly it didn't really draw me in was funny, a Mossimo collection actually kept catching my eye...but, the bag I really wanted wasn't maybe that will still be a necessity for me when it gets there...until then, I will just wait till they go on sale...I know that is sad to say...but, nothing really drew me in yet...*Also, the Mossimo styles that I liked aren't online yet either...will share soon...

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Kate said...

Love the bag. I've found that people are buying more accessories this fall, probably because it's more frugal than buying a new wardrobe. Damn high gas prices!