Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Cute Pieces for the Fall to Start Finding Now

I don't know if you notice...but, a lot of the things that go on sale for the spring can be used for the fall...I got a fab pair of patent peep toe heels from Nine West for only $23 and I definitely plan on wearing them this are a couple of styles to look out for now that you can wear during the fall.
Mui Mui Bags are a dreamy must have for our closets ladies...Mui Mui has the best shoes and handbags a girl could ask for...if only our bank accounts held enough cashola to afford all of these dreamy necessities for a girl.
Peep toe booties are perfect for now or fall and very sexy with jeans or a sexy pencil skirt.
I am now and have been since around the summer of 2006 a fan of high waisted still hasn't caught on really...but, I LOVE them and wear my Karen Walker jeans with pride and I always seem to get compliments on them, even though I still haven't seen anyone run and buy them either:)
Get away from the basics and go for a ruched white tee...who really goes for the old rule that white can't be worn after Labor day anyway?  A lot of people don't know what "ruching" is: "Ruching (pronounced ROOSHING -- 'roo' rhymes with 'who') is a French word which means to plait.  A strip of fabric or ribbon is gathered in a repeat pattern and as the gathering thread is drawn up the strip forms scallops or petals."

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