Wednesday, July 09, 2008

August-The Month of Denim Guides

I have a billion pairs of different style jeans which only a couple fit just right and the others I keep meaning to take in and have fitted to my interesting body--small waist with ample booty and thigh---so, I always get excited when issues come out focused on denim so I can see what is out there that I should try...I don't always agree with the "types" of jeans for your body that editors one magazine said that pear-shaped bodies should avoid high waisted jeans...let me tell you, my Karen Walker high waisted jeans are my favorite style and I get stopped by every type of woman out there when I wear them.  So, don't always go by what the mags recommend...but, check it out and test it out.
Get a variety of guidance in the styles you should be looking for to fit your shape, different washes, and new styles that hit the right trend for today.  Get this and much more about denim in the August issues of:
My fave was from Seventeen magazine.  I have attached the guide that they had for you to get the perfect fit in jeans at home without having to pay anyone...I always LOVE the sound of that;)

Plus, Topshop Launches new premium Denim Line

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