Monday, July 07, 2008

Mark Your Calendars for July 21st To Stand in Line for Botkier for Target!

This style has the shape of the Gucci bag that I want, the leather tassel that I love from Chanel bags and my fave color...this is my dream bag for all is a fun color for summer and I can pair this with browns, bronzes and blacks to make it just right for fall/winter! 
Kind of like the doctor bag, this looks like it can hold anything---and of course the tassel:)
I really like the black python style.
This is the bag from the ad for the August Lucky issue.

My jaw dropped when I opened the first page of the August Lucky and saw that Botkier would be at Target!  I was soo excited!  I have to have a couple of the styles...I was lucky and got the Gryson bag for only $11!  But, I don't think I can wait for this one...this is such a dream come true...I have wanted a Botkier for ages and now, I can get one at a price of $59.99 or less---how can you say no?  So, mark your calendars ladies!  

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