Tuesday, July 29, 2008

People Keep Hating On Lauren Conrad

Ok, so, does JLO sketch all of her designs?  Does Gwen Stefani draw it all out?  Do any of these designers have rendering 101 skills under their belts?  Are we questioning them?  No, we followed JLO on MTV to watch what she did and she did just like Kimora does on her show....directs and gives ideas...so why are we hating on poor LC?  Is it just because she is a reality star?  Well, I think that whoever is doing the line is doing it right because I want something else:)  The Rebecca top...which, of course is worn with my dream skirt, the Cindy skirt...I can't wait till that is available!  I NEED one right now:)

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Kim said...

The funny thing is, Lauren spend more time on her collection than J.Lo and many others. I think people dont like that someone so young was handed a collection, and theres the fact that she's from a reality show, and also the fact that her clothes aren't really unique. But w/ that said I like a lot of her pieces and will probably put them in my boutique this Fall.