Saturday, July 05, 2008

Seasonless Styles---sounds like a good idea...but,

does that mean that there won't be know the end of the seasons sales that we get graced with in months like July when we are still wearing summer clothes and don't have to worry about the full price tags anymore and can start just "Looking" at the fall merchandise in August and plan the attack for sales again...JC Report shares the new idea of seasonless fashion (and which designers are starting this movement) and how it can benefit all of us-including our environment...But, what would it be like not having trends for Fall and Spring? If it was just one mosh pit...I guess we do carry over trends from seasons before and just add a new thing here and there to create the edge...Fashion magazines will really have to take over and guide readers into creating one closet for Spring and Winter instead of separating like we do now. I am very interested to see how this develops and which designers jump on the bandwagon.

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