Thursday, July 10, 2008

Courtney Crawford the Undeniable Foot Necessity

Fall/Winter 2008 Collection

Spring/Summer 2008

I found out about Courtney Crawford about a week ago...really late, I know!  So, I decided to try and find the right person to ask for an interview...during my search one late night...around 12 am in Tucson, I called the designer, Courtney Crawford and he was very reasonable for some girl calling about an interview at 3 am his, here is the interview and the great shoe collection!  
1.  I LOVE the styles of Courtney Crawfod---who does he make his shoes for?  (Who is his client?)
CC: I design for the woman of presence.  Repulsively Attractive, Violently Brilliant, Perversely Fascinating, Revoltingly Ravishing.
2.  What words would you use to describe a Courtney Crawford shoe?
CC: I would think that you would describe my shoes the same way you would describe the Courtney Crawford Woman; Repulsively Attractive, Violently Brilliant, Perversely Fascinating, Revoltingly Ravishing all in a Svelte and Sexy Form....a Stiletto.
3.  What was Courtney Crawfords inspiration for his fall 2008 collection?
CC:The Inspiration for the Fall 2008-09 was Cat Woman.  (We should all wear a pair of Courtney Crawfords to the new Batman movie coming out this month:)
4.  Where can Courtney Crawford shoes be purchased?
CC: Courtney Crawford is a global brand so you have the ability to find the shoes across the globe in some of the finest boutiques, shoe salons and online boutiques. In the United States you can find the Courtney Crawford brand in Saks Fifth Avenue, Intermix  (select locations), Grace in Chicago, Hazel in Toronto, Bellhaus in the Hamptons, in Alothman in Kuwait, Muse in India, just to name a few. I am really humbled by how the well-received the brand has been. 
5.  When will the Courtney Crawford site be up and running?  What can we expect from the site?
CC: The Courtney Crawford site shall be up soon, just don't blink or may miss the launch. I wanted it to be user friendly mainly and for the site to really be focused on the shoes and giving the fewer the information that they would need or ask before asking it. 

 6.  In a new fashion world of high, low pricing...would Courtney Crawford ever do a special line for Payless or Target to expand on his followers?

CC: I believe that it would be an honor to be asked and if the opportunity presented itself I would definitely take a look. So stay tuned....(How exciting, I will be looking at for those! )
7.  Which celebrities are wearing Courtney Crawford?
1. Lucy Liu
2. Lindsay Lohan
3. Gennifer Goodwin
4. Kate Hudson
5. Beyonce
6. Kimora Lee Simmons
7. Kim Kardashian
8. Miley Cyrus
9. Fergie
10. Namoi Campbell
11. Kelly Ripa
(I can so see Tracee Ellis Ross rocking these too!  I can also see these on the girls of Gossip Girl!  Costume Designers, I hope you are reading this:))

 8.  Any exciting news/plans for Courtney Crawford in the near future?

CC: There isn't any exciting news that can be released as of yet. All the exciting information must be a complete as before don't blink or sleep or you may miss the headlines.


Basically everyone, you need to keep a look out because this designer is HOT, HOT, HOT!  And a lot of fab new things are coming...but, only for the fashionistas who know what's up!

*images provided by Showroom Seven Fall/Winter 2008 and Spring 2008 styles.


The Fashion Police said...

I absolutely love his designs - great interview!

Crispy Banana said...

ummm..yes to every pair!! where can i find these??

Anonymous said...

i dont know how old these comments are but i have that red patent 5 inch sling back...oh MY GOD!!! those are the sexiest shoes i've ever owned!! every single time i wear thing men are in awe. and usually men where im from dont really compliment shoes. but these?? honey they're a show stopper and im from st. louis just like courtney!!!

Anonymous said...

too bad his company doesn't pay their bills. Thus why he has no company in reality

Anonymous said...

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