Saturday, February 23, 2008

Menswear Style: I had a Friend Ask Me What The Trend Was Here, Check Out A Couple of Staples Below

The key to the menswear trend is to ensure that the look keeps a sexy feminine edge to it so you don't look like you are wearing your boyfriends clothing.  The clothes should be tailored to show your feminine curves.  
A must-have item for this trend is the vest.  A vest is a great layering piece that you can pair with a longer vest, which I saw in the March issue of LUCKY magazine, or worn alone as picture here.  The vest can be paired with wide leg trousers or a pencil skirt and keep its sexy edge.
Denim Stovepipes are a sexy option to wear with strappy sandals this season (these are the new skinny jean), it brings all of the focus to the shoe.
The accessory to use, anything with studs and great hardware this gives the look the rough edge and avoids anything feeling dainty.  This handbag has great leather trim along the handle and I love the leather tassel like you find on Chanel bags.
Now, you are ready to take on the menswear style without question.  But, if you have any, just ask:) 


Trendi said...

great post!

FashionDevotee said...

I love menswear for women. It is one of my favorite fashion statements.