Tuesday, February 05, 2008

India Here I Come!

I received my Visa for India today so it is time to start packing!  Here are some of the things that I am looking to bring with me on my trip to India. 
The best site to go to for travel near or far is Flight 001.  The online store has everything you can think of for a fabulous trip.  Plus, the sale section has great sale prices that are worth checking out.
I basically love the kelly green color for this wallet and that it zips so you know that your cards and change are secure in the chic wallet perfect for travel.
This combo is GREAAA-T:)  I love the print and the neck rest is essential for any trip long or short as well as the eye mask since the person sitting next to you might want to stay up the entire trip watching movies or reading.

I love both of these great items!  Not only are they only $3, but they are the best for long trips when you feel super dry.  

I think all of the three items below help to keep things organized in a chic way.  Why have your accessories everywhere in your suitcase or carry-on...or even worse, packed away in a sandwich bag, I know people that do that!  Also, the passport holder has a great print that you can't miss searching through your handbag.  And, of course, everyone needs a organizer for the cosmetics that won't take up a lot of space. Finally, who wants to use the blankets provided on a plane?  Not me...this cashmere blanket is exactly what you need for a cozy trip.  
I will be sharing more items that I will be packing for my trip soon.  Let me know of any places I should look for great traveling items. 

I just found a promo on this site for 20% off products until February 29th!  Take advantage, just type in:INSTYLE08

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peter said...

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