Monday, February 04, 2008

Singing In The Rain...

Well, everyone seems to have forgotten that with Spring comes rain:)  There are blogs and articles everywhere about all of the adorable clothes that we can wear when it start to warm up...but, I think we have all forgotten about the saying, "April Showers, Brings May Flowers."  We have to get ready for the rain before we can start wearing our Spring frocks.  And of course, we still need to look fabulous.  So, get your rainy gear together with a couple of things in mind.  
  • First, the rule I follow since living in New York and dealing with all of the rain there is that you need a pair of fashionable rain boots to get you from point A to point B.  Then, when you get to your destination you can change into your fabulous stems without ruining a thing.  
  • Second, whose to say that you don't need a trench coat?  The trench can take you through almost any type of weather I would say and keep you looking more chic than ever.  I have about 3 different styles of the trench.  I think it is an essential in the wardrobe that Tim Gunn recommends that every woman should have.  
  • Finally, why leave your little puppy out of all of the fun?  You know you will be taking her for walks in the weather, so why not keep it fun:)  There are so many fun options now-a-days...break down and at least try one...I think the yellow is oh so classic:) I am not sure if my puppy Paisley would let me put something on her, but I would at least try:)

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