Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Fashion Expert: Tia Cibani

After reading about Tia Cibani, the Creative Director of Ports 1961 in ELLE magazine, I had to interview her...and luckily enough, she agreed.  She has an amazing background and story to tell about her career.  She has achieved so much as a young woman in the industry and is still attaining so much.  I admire her courageous style and cultural background.  You can learn so much from her travels just by seeing a new collection each season.  

What made you decide to do a travel kit for Ports 1961?

My own travels inspired me to create the Jet Set Kit.  It’s basically the ultimate traveling kit – a bunch of things I wanted to have on my travels  (a cashmere eye mask, a comfy neck pillow) it’s great for the extensive traveler.

What are your favorite places to visit?

The coast of Brittany, Paris, and Shanghai.

How does it feel to have so much exposure as a young woman in the industry for a brand?

It makes me feel proud.  I think this is a lot of young women’s dream, to create their own collection.

What are your favorite places to shop online?

I love and Net-a- There’s nothing you can’t find on these two sites!

With the new blog explosion, which are your favorite fashion blog?

Tony Alcindor, our PR Director, writes an amazing fashion blog on the Huffington Post!  Check it out.

Who would you say the Ports 1961 customer is?  

I believe our customer is a woman who is eclectic and wants that extra detail to separate herself from everyone else. She’s adventurous, experimental and confidant.  

What was the moment that made you decide that you wanted to me in the fashion industry?
I’ve known I wanted to be a designer since childhood.  Watching my mother get dressed was what really inspired me to become a designer.

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