Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tagged, I Am IT:) Just Now Responding To Style It's Hit...But, Rather Late Than Never:)

1: What is the story behind the name of your blog?

The idea for what to call the blog just came out of no where...I wanted a word that explained that Fashion is for everyone, all personalities and comes in many different focuses, beauty, clothes, literature, film and more.  I just share everything that I love with the readers.  This is like one of my notebooks that I carry with me everywhere.  

2: Why did you start blogging in the first place?

I am not sure why I actually began to blog.  But, I remember a friend of mine from college sending out an invitation for friends to read a blog about him.  It was interesting...I didn't follow it to tell the truth, but the idea struck a cord for me.  I was living in New York and working in marketing.  I LOVED magazines and wished I was at one still...so, I basically decided to start my own magazine of sorts, Fashionalities.  

3: What is your best blogging experience? Your worst?

I just love being able to share---it is a lot of fun for me.  And it is exciting when there are responses good and bag...just that someone is sharing something with me.  I was kind of sad that no one liked my music on the site, but even my husband said he rushed to get out of the site when the music turned on.  LOL!  I learned...it is off now:)

4: What do you think will happen to your blog in 2008?

I am hoping to just keep meeting new people and learning from them.  Towards the end of 2007 I began to interview more people and I think I am really enjoying that...so just really maintaining what I offer to readers in new and interesting ways. 

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