Friday, February 01, 2008

The Ever So Chic Rachel Roy took on Elegance in an Almost Wild, Wild West Kind Of Way for Fall/Winter 2008 I Am Almost Sharing Everything

I LOVE it All! 
The Colors
The Feathers
The Edge
I love the addition of feathers to a classic look that usually pairs with pearls.
I love how this look is re-interpreted from the way people usually wear this Mexican top.  (I can't remember what these are called...can anyone shed some light?)
I love this elegant look getting edge with the trim at the hemline.
This is beyond elegant, but I love the print and the pocket detail. 
This is jazzy...Chanel look reinterpreted. 
I am in LOVE with this look!  It is chic-yet basic-yet funky!  I am doing this now!  The gloves and fringed scarves are everywhere!  We can start using this look this Spring...I will load up on these scarves in India;)
Once again, a very strong print.
I love the use of the bird as a trim or accessory...this was very strong in the 40's and 50's.
I love the silhouette and the bold print.  I also love the ruching detail on the bodice. 
A great look for work.  Why look like everyone else?
Over and over, I love this orange color.*
*The hats are a bit much for me...but, I can get over that;)

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