Sunday, February 10, 2008

Girl On The Street

I have worked with Girl On The Street for years now.  I used to be one of the street team from Portland, Oregon sharing trends that I saw from college in Eugene, Oregon to when I went home to Portland, Oregon.  There are GOTS all over the started here...then, GOTS took a break and now is coming back STRONG proving that the innovator of street trends is back.  
The originator, Chauncey Zalkin shares thoughts on politics, culture, fashion and more.   She currently lives in Paris, France, I remember she moved there right when I moved to New York in 2004...I was one of the "girls" that worked with her on the development of the "Pink" line at Victoria's Secret.  I remember when I got the goodies for participating and no one knew who or what the "Pink" line would be today.  So, basically I would follow her in what she is doing...there is always something interesting to come. 

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