Monday, February 04, 2008

I Can Never Stop Gushing About Oscar de la Renta...He Is Always A Classic To Behold

Ruffle blouse w/ long dramatic skirt...I love it for an elegant evening out...why always do the dress?  It is so expected.  
In this photo I had to point out the two gentlemen in the front from Saks Fifth Avenue of course.  I love that they got front seats.  
I love the shape of this sweater---so new.  
I am loving the recurring trend of matching the belt to the large clutch...and also, notice the pointy toe flat shoe with this look. 
I am wearing this look to work this week!  I love this look...instead of a wide leg trouser, Oscar de la Renta replaces the expected with a long narrow skirt.  Perfection! 
Fur, I wonder if people were irritated by this?  But, I see more skirts on the way...separates are back in full force. 
It's just chic, I had to share it.  The red with browns, I love it!  We see the layering of the ball necklace reemerging.  
I love the deep purples everywhere and in this look it is paired with brown, perfection!  Oscar de la Renta could never let us down! 

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