Saturday, February 23, 2008

Eyebrow Addict Giveaway: Talika

I am such an eyebrow addict!  I only go to Anastasia 2 hours away to get my eyebrows waxed....people think I am crazy, but it is just that serious.  I can't imagine someone taking it all off after I have worked on growing them back for almost 2 years...yes it has taken that long!  I still have areas to grow in so I am going to try and rush the process with the Talika Eyebrow Lipocils...lets see how it progresses.  Well, I read about Talika in Elle magazine and I had to research.  I usually fill in my eyebrow spaces with an eyebrow powder and then finish with a brow gel.  I LOVE how with Talika fills in the spots without a powder...and it truly works-I have used it!  The eyebrow extender does it all in one stroke.  Send an email to about your eyebrow issues and you could win a free Eyebrow extender or Lipocils.  Talika is donating $3 to the Writers Guild of America Fund on every transactions in the US, until the end of May.  You can find stores all over the US, just check the site for a location near you, it is worth it. 

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Angel said...

Great shape of eye-brows!