Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cashmere Mafia: the review

2-enthusiastic thumbs up!   
Cashmere Mafia, the new comedy on ABC to fill our fashion cravings is very reminiscent of Sex and the City with a twist of drama from Desperate Housewives.  The costumes are key in Cashmere Mafia-I don't think it is overdone at all.  The costumes speak for the characters.  The belts were everywhere in the first two episodes and I love the styling presence that gives the viewers the cue that this is a bold statement piece.  So, the BIG question is....who is the persona behind all of these costumes, Colleen McTigue.  To tell the truth, I have never heard of her...but, snaps to all of the amazing styling on this new show that I think will become a new fashionista necessity for the week.  
So, meet the cast and see my comparisons to Sex and the City:
Miranda Otto as Juliet Draper:
Is the epitome of chic, very much like the Upper East Side Charlotte with a job and a kid.  But, the styling is all the same.  I would actually compare the mannerisms of Juliet Draper to Bree Van de Kamp from Desperate Housewives untouched with emotion but, always doing things just the way it needs to be done. 
Bonnie Summerville as Caitlin Dowd:
Caitlin is definitely the wild child of this cast as compared to Samantha from Sex and the City.  She is free with her sexuality and still searching for her love in someone and even in herself for that matter.  To begin the season she starts off exploring the idea of being a lesbian.  Her style is very showy and young...they haven't said her age yet...but, I'd think early 30's since her friends are around their mid 40's.
Frances O'Connor as Zoe Burden:
These are all working women, but Zoe does this with two young children and dealing with young assistant's and stay at home moms that are going after her architect husband.  And she does it all in style and with so much strength.  She reminds me of Miranda Hobbs because she is all about keeping her job and working with having a family.
Lucy Lui's character, Mia Mason:
The fashionista of this program, although the entire cast seems to have a strong fashion statement.  But, of course, I would compare Mason's style to Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City because she takes the looks to the edge of what some might call too much.  But, I love it because she owns the style in this role.


Kenny said...

When am i gonna be able to see Cashmere Mafia in Budapest?Did they stop the show or not?

Kenny Flat said...

I do not rate this show.