Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Everyday Great Deals Online for Vintage

I am a HUGE vintage fan, but I hate when you go on eBay and deals get ruined because the seller starts a bidding, if you don't feel like going to go through racks at your local thrift store, check out Thriftonista...I found her on myspace and she has a new opportunity for everyone to shop at a deal you can't say no to...there is a $5 and $10 section.  Just go to and then to check out my albums (or her pics) for the 5ndime.

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The Thriftymamas said...

We are so honored and excited to have you post a blog about us. Thank you!
I just want to note that all of the clothes that are pictured are from our $5n$10 section. We also have several other sections featuring incredible vintage and retro goods where are the prices are negotiable. We always include extra treats and we are always looking for more friends on MySpace. Thank you!