Sunday, January 20, 2008

Designer Spotlight: By Malene Birger

I am in LOVE with Malene Birger so I had to share the new line for Spring/Summer 2008 and my thoughts. By Malene Birger Spring 2008I absolutely adore these pants, the length and the leg opening/ looks amazing!  I love how they flow!  So dramatic and chic with the leather biker jacket!   By Malene Birger Spring 2008Wow, is that a real female body I see walking down the runway???  No twigs, I love it and can still appreciate the clothes...can you believe that???By Malene Birger Spring 2008I guess booties from the Fall can be worn through the Spring....what are your thoughts? By Malene Birger Spring 2008Isn't this a HUGE bag??  Ballet flats are still strong...I remember when New Yorkers used to use real ballet flats and just conveniently store them in their BIG New Yorker bags (since they were able to fold so easily) when they got to work.  

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