Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jean: Big Booty Problem

After watching the DVR of an Oprah Episode called, Booty Basics with Stacy London and other stylists assistance to find the best looks for every butt.  I related to the first guest with a small waist and big butt and thighs.  Stacy didn't really hit on the type of jean she would recommend, but she did state that no matter what jean or pant that you buy you have to have them altered.  Buy the pant that fits in the butt and thigh area and then take the rest in-regardless of the size, a better fit is ALWAYS better.  That way it isn't tight everywhere else just to fit the waist.  But, I did find some jeans from (what Marc Jacobs refers to as the best brand jean out of all of them:) Levi's.  The style is Curvy Boot and it does just that, sticks to the right curves.  The front lays low, while the back rise is higher ensuring coverage to avoid, "Crack Kills" ever being said to you.  These are going to be by far, my fave jeans for a while.  And there was a great price point under $100...
If I were to pay over $100, here are a couple of jean brands I have heard are AMAZING for the small waist big booty syndrome:
AG Legend Jeans
Joe's Jeans, Honey Style
James Jean Regular Boot Cut-Hector Zeus 
Note: Girls with booties should stay away from jeans with a lot of pocket detail on the back.
For slacks, get the style with a wide band at the waist and a mid-width leg opening so it is not super wide, but not basic straight...this creates a great way to hide imperfections. 


D.E.S. said...

After spending several years in premium-denim, and hearing of numerous cure-alls to the issue steep waist to hip ratios, I've maintained several conclusions:
1. Higher waist does not necessarily equate to better coverage. Look to denim with a folded waist-band, thus, thicker material. With that additional fabric, the waist has less tendency to stretch out, causing the back-gap that besieges all too many young people. Look for a bias cut over generic higher rise.
2. Buy tight. Buy the denim to fit your waist (and by fit, I mean pull at the button.) The seat and thighs stretch first.
3. Buy tight. All denim stretches.
4. Larger pockets, well-positioned along the yoke, with the the top of your pocket bisecting the curve of your seat WILL look better. Pocket placement is your key to successful optical illusions.
5. Never 100% cotton. Once stretched, always stretched.

General recommendation: Seven/Citizen basics straight, boot and flare -- I cannot speak for fashion styles (as the pockets tend to vary.)
Acne and Superfine boast tough waistbands and are thus more difficult to fit. I've witnessed slight discomfort at first, though they tend to retain their shape.)

Happy fitting.

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