Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Interesting News: Liz Claiborne is cleaning house

"The New York fashion house (Liz Claiborne) said yesterday it's selling the C&C California and Laundry brands to Perry Ellis for $37 million. Having failed to attract an adequate bid, the unprofitable Sigrid Olsen line will be shut down at a cost of $22 million, as it exits 54 retail stores by the middle of this year."

"The company is still reviewing the fate of five other brands - Dana Buchman, Ellen Tracy, Kensie (I personally love the Kensie brand...I hope they sell it to the right brand), Mac & Jac (I feel like both Kensie and Mac & Jac could be sold at Urban Outfitters or Anthro) and prAna. Liz didn't comment on press reports this week that the Ellen Tracy brand was nearing a sale to private-equity investors."

Maybe this will help the brands being sold to other companies...I know C&C used to be a great brand...but, then it just fell off and no one was talking about it...

"As he (the owner) steadily exits Liz's midprice wholesale apparel brands, McComb - who hired "Project Runway" host Tim Gunn as chief creative officer - is banking on a bright future for the company's Kate Spade handbags, Juicy Couture sweats and Lucky Brand jeans."

Now, this change with including Tim Gunn will have to improve something...he knows how to make changes work for a woman on his show, why can't he do it for a business?  

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