Friday, January 04, 2008

H&M Winter 2007/08 Magazine Highlights

HM Winter Magazine
Sadly, the Roberto Cavalli was sold out when I went to the H&M in Georgetown during my Christmas vacation...but, I was able to get a H&M magazine and wanted to share some of my finds...
  • Everyone is still talking about the two new hit shows, Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia...if Gossip Girl could grab us all, I am ready to go along for the ride with these two new shows.  (+) we will be graced with the Sex and the City movie very shortly...nothing but good to come:)  Get your Tivo's and DVR's ready! 
  • I got a new iPod Nano from my hubby for Christmas and it is AMAZING, I am addicted!  When I read in the H&M Magazine that there are trendy trinkets that I can use to make my gadget even more fabulous I was on it and wanted to share the find because I bet a lot of you received some type of fabulous gadget for Christmas as well.  Bear-shaped USB memory sticks, blinged out headphones, chic laptop bags---it's all about accessorizing your new piece that will be taken with you everywhere.
  • Image from magazine that made me think, turquoise and plum look divine together.  Cameron is working it! 
  • There is a section of the magazine that is called, Ask the Stylist, but I don't feel like the answers are all that kind of made me laugh...but, if you would like to see what he can answer for you, email him at:  Or try iStylista, a new site that is there to personally help you online with your fashion problems.

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