Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fashionalities Got an Interview with the Fabulous Jess Zaino

I have personally followed Jess Zaino's work through the Style Network on shows like the Look for Less, Style Court, and the Modern Girl's Guide to Life.  The other day I was web surfing and found Jess' blog and decided to try and contact her.  She replied right away, not her assistant or publicist, but Jess herself and was happy to do the interview.  She is the most relatable fashionista that you can tell really loves the business and sharing everything she knows with all fashionistas.  Check out the interview below and all she has in store.  
1.  Spring is around the corner, well kind of in the fashion industry.  What do you see as the key fashion pieces for all Fashionalities?
Lots of pop-y color: yellow, green, neon pink. Big clutches. Gladiator sandals. Natural wood accessories.
2.  What can girls get on a budget for the Spring trends to add to the wardrobe they are already own?
A girl's wardrobe will contain lots of jeans and tees. I recommend a flashy colorful bag to accompany their already cool look. Forever 21 has great stuff on a budget and the entire Bitten line rocks!
3.  What are your favorite stores-boutiques or department stores?
Nordstrom is a one stop shop for anything you need. I also enjoy Banana Republic for a put together look for less. Steve and Barry's for Sarah Jessica Parker's line Bitten. Polkadots and Moonbeams in L.A. for clothes and Girlieprops in New York for ghetto fab accessories.
4.  I see you have a blog on HSN as well as your own, which I love!  What are your favorite blogs?
Fashionalities of course! (I am truly honored:) And Perez is a daily habit.
5.  What are your favorite sites to shop on?
HSN, Amazon, eBay for hot vintage couture.
Career Questions
6.  How did you get into the fashion industry?
I started with a boutique-line of deconstructed tees and from there made it out to L.A. where I picked up a few clients and with the gift of gab (and some celeb friends that I was styling), got on the Style Network and blew it up.
7.  Unlike most stylists, you have your information out on the web, why did you choose to take that route?
As Sarah Jessica Parker says, Fashion is not a Luxury. I'm taking my act global, baby! I am an advocate of the "real girl" since I am one myself, so should someone want advice or help, I'm happy and here (or there online) to rise to the occasion.  (P.S. I love the Bitten line!)
8.  I see from your past experience that you have been the stylist/costume designer for television shows, and of course you have been the "fashion expert" on many programs.  Would you ever do movies and have you styled any celebs?  What do you prefer?
I have not done any wardrobe for movies but have styles celebs. However, I am moving out of the Stylist category and more into a Style Expert role. I enjoy talking about trends and to help people know whats out there so they can look and feel their best on a budget.
9.  What can we expect from you in the near future?
I'll be appearing on Style Network's How Do I Look? Monday, January 21 at 9pm and also on HSN January 30 and 31 at 10pm EST. Plus you can always read my HSN blog at HSN.com. In addition, I have a book coming out in 2009 entilted Fashion 101: An Education in Style.  I am so excited about this book!  I LOVE when fashion professionals share their knowledge of the industry, it is what helps us understand the industry better so we can get to those dream positions one day.
10.  Can we ever expect you to design your own line?  What would you say the style would be
I do have plans to branch out and start a line. I want to do accessories (coz I love them so much!) and have it incorporate my downtown chic style.
I am on the edge of my seat with excitement for what we can expect from Jess...so keep updated with all of her news at her blog, http://jesszaino.blogspot.com/.

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