Saturday, January 12, 2008

INDIA VOGUE: Finally, I got a copy!

India Vogue November 2007
I got my hands on a VOGUE India, November 2007 issue at last!  It took so long to find someone in the states that had it.  I LOVE the issue, it is of course in English...people kept asking me if I would just be wanting to look at the pictures, but it is in fact in English since that is the main language spoken by everyone in India.  
I loved the styling of the editorial pages (I especially LOVE how the Eastern styles were modernized in the shots--beautiful!), the advertisements (which had ads like L'Oreal with new neutral colors rather than reds and pinks that we see in the States) and the feature articles (which were full of information about shopping and experiences all over the world with references back to India which I enjoyed).  The magazine has a feel of the British and US editions with a couple of new features like RSVP and it seems that VOGUE India includes a lot of Men's fashion which I haven't noticed in other editions.  
All in all, I give the magazine my stamp of approval!  
I will be going to India at the end of February and I can't wait to buy all of the issues I have missed thus far.  I will also chronicle my experience in India with images that I will share when I return. 
If you can't find VOGUE India in your town, check out eBay.  
The Magazine is only RS 100 (rupees) which only comes to $3.02 in the states, but is sold for $11.99 at the stores and I think even more on eBay!  Crazy!!!!!!!!!


fantastic said...

Where did you find your copy? Ebay? Pleaseeee! I've been searching too!

Fashionalities said...

To tell the truth, my mom sent me the copy from a cigar shop in Portland, Oregon called Rich's Cigar Store and I have another copy coming from a friend who had a friend that went to visit India. I would say right now that eBay is the best bet since it is not available at Barnes and Noble yet...they don't even have VOGUE INDIA on their lists to we shall see how long it takes. Good luck!

Annicka J said...

Oh, I would kill to get a copy... or pay some magazine pimp $11.99 – whatever. I too am intrigued by the fashion trends of other countries; the twists styles take on when possessed by another culture can be so eye opening. Vogue Nippon would be another excellent find!
What part of India will you be visiting?
Congrats on your freelance status and we all miss your fabulous style terribly!
Now whose shoes will be my momentary escape from old lady garb I slave over? TRUST ME; we've all been lamenting your absence.
Fantastic blogs btw!