Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Power House Tool To Get Your New Label Out There is: is Margaux INC

I love the concept of a young woman out of Oregon representing indie designers and boutiques around the states.  When I first heard about Margaux INC I was excited purely because it is based out of Oregon (my home town).  I love that Oregon is built up of entrepreneurs, but this company really spoke to me because Margaux is stepping out of the box and regardless of her location she is ready and willing to put her creative and business juices to work...and she is doing just that.  She has recently been really busy due to an AMAZING partnership between Margaux INC and My Fashion Initiative.  I think that this addition to the company is going to make them on fire, so get connected ASAP to make your brand even stronger. 

1.  Why did you decide to start Margaux INC? 

I saw a need for fashion companies to receive specialized marketing and promotional services. Many fashion businesses can’t afford to use the services of larger agencies, especially indie fashion designers. Margaux INC is affordable and targeted to the needs of the fashion, health, and beauty industry. We are not an intimidating corporation so fashion companies feel comfortable working with us.

2.  I see you work with with brands outside of Portland, do you work solely online? 

I am able to branch out of Portland because so much of my business is ran online. However, I am able to plan events, buy media, and schedule photo shoots around the world. 

3.  How do you find the brands that you work with? 

Referrals and various websites. MySpace is also a great place to meet fashion designers.  (I hope that this blog will help their business as well as others out there reading this.)

4.  How have Portland entrepreneurs responded to your company? 

Many! I have worked with local spas, shoe stores, designers, and even a car dealership!

5.  What do you have in the works for the future of Margaux INC? 

We recently partnered with a New York company called My Fashion Initiative. (This is going to be a dynamic duo, for more information and assistance contact the Agency.) 

6.  What do you recommend to anyone not living in New York City or Los Angeles that would like to get into fashion marketing/PR/consulting? 

It’s all about who you know. Network like crazy! Fashion is everywhere, you just have to tap in to the right people in your community who can get you involved in the industry.

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Girl-Woman said...

Very interesting interview. "Network like crazy" I guess is the name of the game. That being said, would you like to link share? I am usually not that forward.