Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bags, Bags, Bags

It seems that there is a need to have a bag for any type of holiday or event this are a couple on my list...
The personalized tote.  This is perfect for weekend getaways and beach trips because it has your initials so there is no confusing with your friends and it just looks incredibly chic to me.
The casual bag ready for any hike, run, bike ride or any sporty activity that you plan for this always need a bag to support the event;)
The must-have trendy bag for the season to get you through the fun outings...I would say buy a Chloe...but, since those are so much, I say get a Chloe-inspired version...why, not?  Save your money for all of your fun trips! *This image is a real Chloe though...check out the others that are inspired by the real deal too:)

1 comment:

Girl-Woman said...

I am trying to overcome my bag addiction and here you go, tempting me with new handbag drugs. Thanks. Love them.