Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Finally Time for SATC the Movie!

*These two look designer-esque.

*Details, Details, is all about funky styling details to make an item pop.

*I would wear these ruffly pieces with a shoe like what Carrie wore the night Miranda had the baby.  I would pair the tops with the cropped pants that are in right now.  Remember---no jeans:) 

This has been jotted down in my calendar forever!  And now, it is finally here!  Everyone is asking me what to wear and what I am wearing.  My look is inspired by none other than CB of course:)  I will be wearing a vintage black tier tulle skirt inspired by the intro to Sex and the City wear Carrie Bradshaw is wearing the tutu.  I will wear the funky/dressy skirt with a black racer back tank and accessorize with my Natasha necklace, my What Would Carrie Bradshaw Wear custom bracelet I made before moving to New York City and a pair of fab shoes that have huge bows which are inspired by the styling of all of the girls in the special issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine.  
Now, with less than a day (some girls are going at midnight) to shop for this occasion, here are some of my ideas for what to wear.  I already told my sister NO JEANS or Tees!  This is an event all its own~you have to celebrate:)  
Things to not leave out for the BIG night, SJP fragrance---I own both, but I think I will wear Lovely.  If you have a Bitten near by, I would check out buying something from that collection for the nights festivities.
Since the BIG night is only tomorrow, I think the best place to find something saucy is Forever 21...for shoes, they need to be STATEMENT can find those from Saks Fifth Avenue to Aldo, it's all in the design of the shoes.  

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