Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do I Need To Change Subscriptions?

I just read on Fashion Week Daily that Nina Garcia is leaving ELLE in September to go to MARIE CLAIRE!  I still can't believe it!  The funny thing is I just got the June issue off the newsstand last week (since I do not subscribe yet:) and I actually saw a lot of interesting things and decided to register on the website for emails (which I did yesterday).  The other interesting thing about this magazine is my previous boss at my first internship with CosmoGIRL! is Ann Shokett, the now editor-in-chief of SEVENTEEN magazine and is always on America's Next Top Model.  She asked me about 2 years ago, what I thought of Marie Claire and I told her the truth...I thought it had an interesting angle incorporating news about other women in other countries, a really strong perspective on women in the working world and then the 101 ideas for fashion was always signature...but, I never looked a the magazine for any fashion direction...maybe, that will change now...

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