Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finally In To Shorts!

I have never formally owned a pair of shorts, meaning I have purchased a pair of shorts here and there, but never actually worn or kept for long enough to say they were mine...well, I have purchased and worn (once so far) a pair of Theory Shorts...yes, I said Theory...that is to ensure that I will wear these bad boys...the rest of the shorts I may (still thinking about it) buy will most likely be from Forever 21, Target and Walmart...but, I needed the first pair to ensure that I will for sure wear them and do the work I need to get there...Run 3 miles a day (5 days a week) and do 150-200 lunges every day that I can!  By July I want to be wearing these shorts with heels...I think that is the sexiest look ever!  

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