Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend...

...And any other fabulous accessory we can get:)  We can break the styles down by category and gentlemen, if you are reading this blog, here are places you can search for anniversary gifts, Mother's Day gifts, birthdays...and well, basically any event that you can give a fab gift!
In New York, John Hardy has definitely replaced Tiffany jewelry...but, I feel like the rest of the world still covets all things is a classic John Hardy to add to your collection. 
When did right hand rings become BIG?  I don't remember...but, I love the style so that your right hand doesn't get bored:)  I also like the strength in the message of the right hand ring. 
Now, I do not wear watches, but if I did...I would want something oversized, with a lot of detail that wouldn't look so much like a watch and that would catch people's attention...
Pearls are always a classic for women, but try to avoid styles that look too grandma:)

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