Monday, May 05, 2008

Lip Gloss Heaven: Guys Heart Betsey

Ok, everyone...I am already a gloss-a-holic...but, after seeing my friend, and owner of Pour Moi rocking fab lip gloss repeatedly, I had to ask who she was wearing...and not only did she give me the name, she brought me an extra she had since she LOVED it so much:)  So, since I LOVE you all so much, I had to share the wealth.  The Brand: Urban Decay XXX Shine.  The Style: Guys Heart Betsey.  The reason: the gloss is perfect, not too gooey, but just the right amount of shine and the color is sexy pinkish red!  Everyone needs this in their make up bag, get it today!  P.S. This color was used in Betsey Johnson's Fashion Show:)

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