Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coming to America

We have gotten lucky in the past 10 years to begin getting the amazing stores that are overseas here in the States.  Recently, I was flipping through my British Glamour magazine and found that there is a fab store that we do not have yet that I had to research.  The store is called Comptoir Des Cotonniers and the ad simply stated, Silvia and her daughter Claudia. I LOVED the styling of the ad so I had to see how I could purchase possibly...of course, there was nothing available to purchase online, similar to our untouchable online H&M.  But, I contacted to PR offices and found out that they are planning on opening a store in New York in September!  I remember when MEXX opened on 5th Avenue, the place went crazy...I bet it will do just the same when these doors open.  Well, at least you can mark your calendars now and be in the "know." 
The future address:
155 Spring Street

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