Saturday, May 31, 2008

SATC is inspiring special Products Everywhere!

Bag, Borrow, or Steal is BIG again because of Carrie's Assistant on Sex and the City?  Will you indulge now?  Will this company get its second wind?  I own a couple of fab bags...but, the classics...will I give in to the trendy pieces for a week of glory?  We shall see...OMG!  Just checking and an Hermes for a week is $1632! I need to start with basics like a Fendi or a Dior:)  Juicy Couture is only $12 a week:)

Shop Intuition has a whole focus on how to dress the part of Sex and the City.  You can buy items from a Carrie necklace to a quilted handbag like the Chanel's that Charlotte carries.  The best part is it is all on a budget so go crazy!
Patricia Fields is selling a couple of things on her site that were featured on the film, but the one that costs the most is the Eiffel Tower purse.  Max & Chloe is selling a necklace that was worn in Sex and the City by Samantha.  
Cosabella lingerie have created a special line just for Sex and the City for each character.  

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