Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting Ready for Sex and the City

I have the ensemble prepared for the SATC festivities on Friday and I am already thinking of what I need for my "collection" after the movie...
A pair of the Patricia Field shoes from Payless
The House of Field Tote from the Patricia Field site that is featured in the movie
I will be on the waiting list for the SATC DVD!!!!!!!!
Memorobilia from the HBO Sex and the City Store 
On Newsstands now, buy the Entertainment Weekly Magazine special issue dedicated to Sex and the City.  I am surprised that this is the only magazine that dedicated anything to the movie...well, besides of course SJP on the cover of Vogue this month...I have to let you all know, that I also have the other issue of Vogue that SJP was on the cover of for SATC!  Collector's item I have to say:)

If you are lucky enough to live or visit New York---take the SATC tour...I lived there for 3 years and never did it!  The next time I visit, I certainly will! 

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